January Focus Review: My Morning Routine

I had planned to have the conclusion of my Mins Game published today, but I’m still behind… So that will have to wait… Doesn’t really bode well for my year of monthly challenges… But we won’t think about that today… Anyway… Let’s discuss something else…


When I published my post on my updated morning routine, I had no idea what sort of response it would get, and I was definitely not prepared for the popularity of that post. It was a Pinterest sensation! Remember when I mentioned that I was getting near 10,000 views for all of 2016?  Yeah, with that morning routine post, I have already almost reached that in just a month. I even had a couple days with over 1000 views each!  Craziness!  (I realize that this might not be a lot for other bloggers, but it is a huge jump up for me!)

Anyway, the point is that it was obviously something that many people were interested in, so I figured that I should do a follow up to discuss how my January focus went, and what I learned from it.

Straight up, it totally helped me! The thought process of working through the timelines that would work based on what ever tasks I needed to do in the morning, helped me put deadlines on my activities in the mornings. I’m not perfect, I still have mornings when things go awry and I end up leaving late, or not getting everything done that I wanted to get done, but the improvement has been drastic!

I still struggle with getting up at 5:30am. Mostly I think because I don’t go to bed early enough in the evenings. Someone suggested that I create an evening routine like this, but with my evenings, there are just too many variables to be able to do that easily I think… Maybe I can make that a focus for an upcoming month, but for February I’ve already chosen meal planning as my focus, but I’ll discuss that in an upcoming post.

I think an interesting thing to perhaps log in the future is what morning routine option I use the most. For January I’m pretty sure it’s the one where I wake up the latest and get the least amount done… But it got more diversified as the month went on.


One of the biggest successes of this focus was that I was made aware of how much time I spend doing nothing in the mornings… Which I suppose was also one of the challenges… Almost every morning I would catch myself doing something that wasn’t on the schedule… putting dishes away from the night before, cleaning up papers, finding items for my latest instalment of the Mins Game… (or actually sitting and doing nothing…)

One of my biggest challenges of this focus was my inability to have a quick shower in the mornings…  I mentioned this in the original morning post, but I didn’t really get much improvement throughout the month.  It’s just so nice and warm in the shower… and so cold when I get out…  Maybe this won’t be as big of an issue when we get our home renos finished up, and get a nice heated tile floor in the bathroom… But, the quick shower thing is something to work on in the future, for sure.

So, what am I going to do going forward?  Well, I’m not going to abandon my morning routine just because it is no longer the focus of the month… In fact, I hope that I can continue working on it, and hopefully I will be able to improve on it as it does become more of a “routine”.    But, I better publish this post now and get moving if I’m going to be successful on my routine this morning…

What are your biggest challenges for your morning routine?  How do you overcome them?


13 thoughts on “January Focus Review: My Morning Routine

  1. 1,000 views! That’s awesome! I’m having a good day if I get 20.

    I really enjoyed the morning routine post, too and I continued with my piggy back goal of going to bed by midnight.

    I think for February I’m going to move my alarm clock and charging cord for my phone on the other side of the room. I heard in a podcast that one person puts their alarm clock in the bathroom! If I had a master bath I’d totally do that. But my house is small and so is my bedroom so I’ll have to settle for the foot of the bed. No snoozing is the goal! I would like to get to the point where I could take the dog for a morning walk (maybe even a run) Shower, and have coffee and breakfast. That would be lovely but I don’t allow myself any time at all.

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    • I was about 20 views a day too until that post got attention… Things are quieting down a bit more now that it isn’t new…

      The midnight bedtime is a good goal. I want my bed time to be 10:30 pm, but I don’t think I’ve done that once in the entire month of January… Maybe I should start with something a bit later and work my way down to 10:30… last night was around 11:30, which I thought was pretty good.

      I have heard of the trick of having your alarm clock across the room. My friend does that, and swears it helps… We don’t have plugs for charging on the other side of the room, and I charge my phone at night… And use my phone as my alarm clock… So, might not work out for me…

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  2. […] Die tolle Aufstellung einer Morgenroutine von Jena inspirierte mich also selber dazu meinen Mann zu schnappen und unseren Morgen neu durchzuplanen – oder besser gesagt zum ersten Mal wirklich zu planen. Irgendwie spielen sich morgens ja Abläufe ein, aber wie bereits geschrieben waren unsere weit davon entfernt optimal zu sein. […]


  3. My biggest challenge for my morning routine is getting to bed on time the night before! If I can’t get to sleep by 11pm, I normally end up missing my morning work out, waking up once the kids wake up, and the whole morning is a scramble if we have somewhere to be. My solution for making sure I fall asleep is melatonin; if I take a pill, it knocks me out like a light. So on evenings where I find myself tossing and turning (like once every 2 weeks), that will be my solution. Did you ever try the egg timer idea for the shower? I don’t feel like my showers are particularly long, but it would be a time and water saver if I challenged myself to 3 min showers when I’m not shaving or washing my hair. You’ve also totally inspired me to revisit my morning routine to make sure I’m fitting in everything I want to do. Thanks!

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    • Yes, bed time is a challenge. As I mentioned in the comment above, my goal has been a 10:30 pm bedtime, but I haven’t focused on it much and definitely haven’t been successful. For me, it’s not so much that I can’t fall asleep, just that I don’t go to bed… I always leave my evening chores too late (or get sucked in to watching Netflix) and then I scramble to get everything done, take the dog for a bedtime pee, and go to bed way later than I intended.

      I did remember to try the timer out a couple times, and the time went by soooo quickly when I was in the shower! I used the timer on my phone, and left it on the counter outside the shower… so once it started going off, it just went off until I finished up… it was a bit annoying, but motivation to get out faster… I will try to remember to use the timer more going forward to see if I can get myself in and out faster.

      I’m so happy that you have found something useful in my random ramblings and attempts to improve myself. 🙂

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  4. Hi Jena,
    inspired by you I convinced my husband to plan a morning shedule by ourselfs. A big improvement so far. I considered a quick shower to. But I just love the warm water raining down on me in the morning. So instead I found some easy Yoga poses I am able to do under the shower. Voila! – extra dose of energy. Works very well for me.
    My biggest challenge still is not playing the “Snooze-Button-Game”…

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    • Oh yes, I am very familiar with the “snooze-button-game” … I play that game most mornings. Ha ha!

      I don’t think my shower is large enough for yoga in the shower, but that would be a good way of combining morning tasks… 🙂

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  5. …Oh wow, you are amazing! You get soooo much done in a morning! I can barely deal with getting up and dressed… At times, I’m so late I dont even have time for breakie! You habe a lot of dicipline… Well done! And keep it up! Congratulations also on your many views,wow,that IS fantastic 😊😊😊 I’m happy if I get over 50 a day 😂😂😂 Looking forward to catch up on your posts 😊

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    • Not every morning is successful in getting things done… Some mornings my breakfast is actually just a travel mug of tea and an apple… that I eat in the car on the way to work… Or I take a piece of bread to toast in the toaster at work when I get there… This is part of why I wanted to work on this for the month of January.

      50 views was definitely a big day for me before posting this bullet journal spread on Pinterest. And it has definitely quieted down again, so I should probably average out at less than that again…

      And you weren’t kidding about catching up on my posts! I’ve got some work to do reading all your comments! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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      • Wow, that sounds pretty stressful alright! It’s good then that you started with this challenge for January, it’ll help you get a healthier lifestyle. Nothing is worse than gulping down your food. It totally stresses you out! I’ve been there and now try hard to avoid it as much as I can.
        No, I wasn’t 😊 I have a lot of catching up to do with my blog friends 😕 So I’m actually enjoying this 😊 You’re very welcome, thanks for blogging 😊

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