Goals for 2015

I’m starting this blog to work on my goals in order to make me an all-round better version of me.

Financial Goals
I’ve discussed my financial goals in this post, but here is a quick summary:
1. Make (and stick to) monthly budgets.
2. Save for planned spending.
Wedding: currently at 97%. Deadline end of January. Done!
Fiancé’s Education: currently at 0%. Deadline (end of May) sometime in the fall? *  November 1st. **** Done!
Home Renos: currently at 0%  36%**  96%***. Deadline end of July.   Done!
3. Increase my RRSP (contribution to 40% of my cap) total to $36,000. *   $48,000. **  $50,000.***
4. Increase my TFSA contribution to (12% of my cap) $4,400. *
5. Start an Emergency Fund.  ($10,000) *  ($3000 by Dec 31)****

Professional Goals
My professional/career related goals are discussed in this post.
1. Write my Exam in April. Exam written… now to wait for the results… **  Passed!!***  Done!
       1a. Finish required paperwork by Canadian Thanksgiving (October 12th)
2. Be more productive at work.
3. Read 1 text per month (12 total for 2015) to expand my work related knowledge base.  Abandoned… 

Health & Fitness Goals
I explained my more traditional health and fitness new year’s goals in this post.
1. Lose 15lbs before my wedding in August. Fail!  +
New Goal: 10lbs by the end of the year. +
2. Run 10k in under 60 minutes. (Pass-ish)
3. Run 1/2 marathon in 2 hours.  Abandoned…   +
New Goal: Run 8k at the same pace (45 minutes)  +
4. Run or do other fitness at least 3 times per week.
5. Create a weekly meal plan.
6. Limit myself to 7 drinks / week.

Miscellaneous Goals
These goals cover a variety of areas in my life and I explain them in detail here.
1. Complete a weekly decluttering task.  Abandoned…   +
New Goal: Finish the 31 day challenge by Christmas.  +
2. Plan & follow through with a plan for our backyard gardens. *** partial success
3. Make a schedule for all wedding related tasks with deadlines and follow it.  Done! +

*Updated March 2, 2015
**Updated May 1, 2015
***Updated June 1, 2015
****Updated August 27, 2015
+ Updated September 14, 2015


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