Five Photos, Five Stories Finale

I had grand plans of writing a great post last night for the finale of my five photos, five stories challenge, but then we went to the pub to watch the Canucks game, and played some music bingo… and well… then it was late, and I’d had a few drinks… and going to bed was the only thing I was doing.

But the challenge must be completed, so here I am in the morning typing up a quick post so that I can complete the challenge.

So, to continue with the animal trend that I started at the beginning of the week, I’ll share this photo:


Please excuse the horrible photography… but I had to capture the moment… And now the story to go along with it…

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Decluttering Week #8 – Purses & Bags

I am still desperately trying to catch up on my decluttering… so after yesterday’s decluttering post, I’m going to do another one for day #4 of five photos, five stories. I am going to go a bit our of order though, and jump from week #6 to week #8…

I have a confession… I actually did this decluttering task at the same time as I did my dresser top… I was in my bedroom, on a roll with the cleaning and decided to just keep going… So, not only am I posting it out of order, I actually did the decluttering out of order… anyway…

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Decluttering Week #6 – Baking Supplies

I am desperately trying to catch up on my decluttering… so for day #3 of five photos, five stories, I am going to post the results from my baking supplies decluttering.


I have a lot of baking supplies… I really do like baking, and the results of baking… but lately I’ve been trying to eat healthier, which typically means more fruit and veggies, and less sweets and baked goods. So my baking supplies aren’t being used up as quickly as they would normally…

I don’t want to waste food, so I don’t want to throw anything out, but I thought it would be good to take stock of what I have, and get it organized in a way that will allow me to use it up. Plus, I had a bunch of stuff on a shelf in the basement because it doesn’t fit in my baking cupboard…

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Five Photos, Five Stories

Last week, Jillian from How To Be Myself did this “five photos, five stories” challenge where for five consecutive days she posted a different photo and accompanying story. Each day, she would nominate a new blogger to continue on the challenge. On day 4, she nominated me. It’s totally up to the nominee if they want to participate or not, but I think I’m going to take on the challenge because it will force me to get 5 posts done this week (even if they were posts that I was planning on doing at a later date)… So, here we go…

For day #1 of the five photos, five stories, I give you this:

Our Fish Frank
Our Fish Frank (or maybe this was Frankeska?)

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