Another Mins Game Update…

You are probably getting sick of these updates now… But I need them to keep me accountable.  I commented on my last update that I was getting behind because of a busy weekend, and so I need this push to catch up and keep going…

For those just tuning in, I am doing the Mins Game as my monthly challenge for January.  I have done 2 updates so far (here and here).  We resume the reporting on day 19…

Day 19: More Electronics


I managed to find an old shoe box full of old electronics.  Some of the items were memory cards and USB sticks that I’ll have to check for files that need saving, but most of the stuff was no longer needed.  I got rid of an old digital camera with charger, some old telephone cables, my old diskman and headphones (that were falling apart and leaving a mess everywhere), a Tom Cochrane CD, a couple calculators, a piece for my old home phone that has long left the house, a few manuals, some promotional gadgets from when I was a student, an old iPhone charging cable (I have a new iPhone now), one of my old cell phones that is obviously broken, and a variety of other cables and such.  Oh and added bonus, the shoe box was emptied, so it’s out the door too!

Day 20: Papers, Cards & Coupons


I found the little iPod stereo that I thought I had already gotten rid of… I got rid of the adapter pieces to it already, so out it goes, along with its colour options and power cables. The rest of this collection seems to be a little bit like cheating, but I found a box full of old papers, birthday and Christmas cards, ticket stubs, coupons, membership cards and the like.  A lot of them were really, really old… Like from 2009 and 2010.  If I counted them individually it would be way over the required 20 item count, but I figure stacks of paper can’t be individually counted… It’s hard to tell how many papers are under that stack in the photo, but it was quite a bit.  I went and shredded most of them and my little shredder was working overtime.

Day 21: Randomness


I found another box with cables in it!  So, out the door went 4 more cables, 2 sets of Xbox headphones (my husband’s), a pair of scissors, a ruler, a random piece of yarn, 2 old locks, a baseball, a squash ball, a souvenir poker chip, some hand strengthener thing, really old and melty chap-stick, a broken piece off a photo frame, another stack of birthday cards, some plastic bags, and some souvenir pamphlets, another empty shoe box, an empty tin and a hard rock cafe box.  I think that adds up to about 21 items.

Day 22: Stickers!


In searching for another shoe box to empty, I found one that was stuff full with stickers.  All sorts of random bands, surf shops, skate shops, I don’t even know what else.  I used to decorate my binders and notebooks for school with all of these, but they have been sitting there for years and years now… (I’m 12 years out of university this year…)   I’d say there was at least 100 stickers in that box, if not more… And I got rid of the box too!  Add to that some random tools, an old remote control that we no longer use, and a random electronic thing that we think might be a microphone attachment for a phone?  I also got rid of 2 notepads, 2 notebooks, 1 box of hello kitty valentines, 1 boxed stationary set, 1 mini binder with paper in it, a big blue flower and another shoe box.  Oh and two random pieces of yellow craft foam.  I say that is enough for day 22, right?

to be continued…

So there we have it… the next installment of my Mins Game reporting.  I know I am still behind, but hopefully this weekend I can catch up.  So far, the total count is: 250+ items.



22 thoughts on “Another Mins Game Update…

    • Yeah, the box of stickers was hard. I spent a lot of time and effort collecting those from concerts and shops. And getting rid of them sort of puts the final seal on the end of that era of my life… I mean, it’s been done for a while, but if I kept the mementos, then I didn’t have to admit it, right? Growing up sucks! Ha ha ha!

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  1. NO!! Jena, we NEVER get tired of hearing how much stuff you get rid of!! And I love the pix too! Next month, maybe I will do a calendar like that! I think it’s a good idea.
    My Mama just heard of the mins game in Dec, for the first time! And she’s having fun doing it! But, then last Sat, she went to a thrift store 50% sales, and bought 2 big garbage bags full. Face palm!
    Oy vey! The electronics you had!! Did you by chance ever own an electronics store?? LOL
    Good for you!! I know you are able to breathe so much easier, with all those boxes gone!

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    • I saw the calendar on Instagram when I was looking at #minsgame on there… I thought it would make it fun to do. I was right, but that hasn’t helped me actually keep up…

      The key is to not let things come in and replace the things that you’ve gotten rid of. I know that will be tough for me.

      And, no, I didn’t own an electronics store, I’ve just always been a bit intrigued by computers and the like… And have been through a lot of different computers and such over the years. You never know what might be useful, but I’ve come to realize that technology moves so fast, that the likelihood of something still being up to date when I do “need” it is so slim, it’s best to let the stores do the storing, and I can just buy if I really need it.

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