Level Up My YNAB Budget

You may have been expecting another Mins Game post today, but I’m still working on that… So I’m going to start on another topic that I haven’t touched on in a while… my finances! I haven’t done a financial update post in a long, long time… (Last one was June 2018.) But don’t worry, I haven’t stopped budgeting or using my beloved YNAB (You Need A Budget)… So today I wanted to give you a small update on how all that is going…

Note: this post is not sponsored in any way, I just really love YNAB.

I don’t think it’ll come as a surprise to anyone who has been reading my blog for a few years that I love YNAB. It’s a budgeting application that really speaks to me. Originally, when I started using it, it was a software that you purchased (one time purchase), and it used your own drop box account to share the budget between different computers or mobile apps. In recent years, they have moved to a web based app with an annual subscription fee, but you were still able to continue to use your one time purchased software if you wanted. And so I did, because I hate being pushed in to annual subscription fees…

But… Last fall, I decided to finally check out the new app (I think I was actually forced to because a new operating system on our home computer was no longer compatible with the older version that I had been using). They offer a free trial (34 days – so you can go through a full month – and if you use my referral link to sign up we can both get a free month!), which I did before I committed. I exported my existing budget data, and transferred it all to the new app… I didn’t want to lose any of the historical information stored in the years of budgeting that I had done. I will admit that there were some hiccups in the transfer, and the first month in the new app I have purposely noted that it is the “transition” month because there were some messy things I had to do to get the numbers to line up. But… since that process was done, I really liked the new features, and also appreciated that the synchronizing between devices was seamless. It was “supposed” to be before, but there were always weird things that didn’t mesh well when inputting on the phone app, then looking at them on the computer program…

Anyway, fast forward to last month, and I’ve been using the new app for a while, things are going pretty good. I figured I knew what I was doing with the app. I was using it well. We have been through a few changes in our finances, had some large expenses and gained some new debt, had some variable income… We are coming out the other side now, and things are starting to settle out, and then… BAM! I found the YNAB youtube channel… And man, the game changers that I have learned in the last few weeks of watching their videos… It’s not that I was using the app incorrectly, it’s just that there was so much more that I could do. And so I wanted to quickly go over some of those things and how they are helping me get ahead with out finances.

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June 2018 – Financial Update

Well… that month just flew by… And now it’s time for another update on my financial goals:

Goal #1 – Emergency Fund

Human Emergency Fund: $0

Pet Emergency Fund: $1570 (- $2720)

Big decrease in the pet emergency fund this month… Some of it was used to get a lump removed from Bentley’s paw, and regular pet expenses… But then a large portion of it was borrowed to fund other expenses, like upgrading some of my husband’s work equipment.  Those expenses I have put under our “planned spending” account that is labeled “husband’s education fund”… So they don’t fall in to our regular monthly expenses…  Continue reading

May 2018 – Financial Update

I’m late again, but here’s the May update on my financial goals:

Goal #1 – Emergency Fund

Human Emergency Fund: $0

Pet Emergency Fund: $4290 (no change)

We didn’t increase or decrease either of the emergency funds in April, but the pooch has had some issues already this month, so my guess is that the pet emergency fund will have decreased when I do the next financial update in June. Continue reading

Road Trip Budget


One of my financial goals for 2018 is to save for our planned California road trip in the fall.  When I posted the goal, I set myself a deadline of March to have a detailed estimate budget sorted out.  And, since March starts this week, I figured I should get this sorted out.

So… What’s the plan?  Well, we don’t really have a plan yet… But, the last time we did a road trip down to California, it was a bit of a rush because we tried to get it done in 7 days… there and back!  For this trip, we will be traveling with a 6 month old baby, and will traveling further in to California, and staying there for a few days for the wedding… So I decided to plan for a 14 day trip this time. Continue reading

February 2018 – Financial Update

I’m a bit late getting this out… But I’m away for work right now, so it’s a little harder to get all my numbers sorted out… And I’m missing some because I have them saved on my home computer… Which is obviously at home…


We are already over a month in to 2018, so it is time to do a quick check-in on the finances to see if I’m on track to meet my financial goals for 2018. Continue reading

Financial Goals for 2018

To quote one of my all time favourite books, Anne of Green Gables, “isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”  And so, with the beginning of a whole new year of tomorrows with no mistakes in them yet, it’s fun to give ourselves a reset, a fresh start, to work towards new goals.

Last week I reviewed our financial goals from 2017, and so I wanted to move from that to discussing our financial goals for 2018.  It is difficult to think too far in advance for this year because so much is up in the air once March hits and baby is scheduled to arrive.  We haven’t made any final decisions with respect to maternity or paternity leave yet, so that also makes it hard to plan too far in advance…  But, even if everything changes and I have to re-evaluate my goals in 3 months, I’d rather have something to work toward than not… So, here goes with my financial goals for 2018: Continue reading

2017 in Review: Financial Goals

Happy New Year!

As is the trend in the blogging world, the start of a new year is when we review the year before and make new plans or goals for the new year.  I am no different.  I reviewed my personal/miscellaneous goals already, but it is now time to review my financial goals for 2017.  I’ve been reviewing these every month all year long, so none of these results should come as a complete shock, but it is always good to review and reflect. Continue reading

December 2017 – Financial Update

I’m feeling a little like I’ll never catch up on my to-do list items, and so the blog seems to always be the things to get left behind… But it’s time for another financial update and review of our financial goals for 2017, so I have pulled together enough for at least this post… So here’ goes…

#1 – Emergency Fund

Another month of successfully avoiding pulling anything from the human emergency fund.  It is still sitting at the happy $10,000 mark.

November was another month of just regular pet expenses, so we were able to add a little to the pet emergency fund.  I’m not sure we will get to the $5000 before the end of the year, but it is still moving in the right direction, so I’ll count that as a positive.

Human Emergency Fund = $10,000

Pet Emergency Fund = $3720 (+$225) 

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