Hi!  I’m Jena!

I started this blog in December 2014 as a means to help keep myself accountable on my journey to becoming a better version of myself.  Initially I had tried to keep myself anonymous, but in August of 2016 I decided to introduce myself.

Now that this blog is no longer 100% anonymous, I can probably share a little bit more about myself.  My name is Jena.  I am a 30-something gal living on the west coast of British Columbia in Canada.  I live and work as an engineer in Victoria, which is on Vancouver Island.  I got married in the summer of 2015 on the west coast of the island in a place called Tofino.  We have 2 cats (Casper & Cleo) and a dog name Bentley.

I’m not sure why anyone would want to read this blog, as I am not very interesting… I have no debt (other than my mortgage), I have a good steady job that pays well, I live in a house that I own, I lead a very normal boring life, I’m not fashionable, nor am I particularly funny, I’m relatively healthy, not crazy fit or anything, but I’m doing okay for myself, I’m not a mom (I am now…), I don’t do a lot of DIY stuff or crafts, I like to cook, but I’m not particularly good at it… The point being, I have no special qualifications or subject for this blog, so I am not sure who will read this, but I am very grateful for those of you who have stopped by for a visit.  I am not a natural writer and this is my first blog, so please bear with me as I struggle to write coherent and interesting content, and figure out how to keep my site functional.

Some other random information about myself that I’ve posted in the last couple years:

January 30 2015: I was nominated for the Liebster Award and wrote a post with a few random facts about me.  (Rather than repeat myself, I’ll just link to it.)

May 9, 2015: I was honoured with another Liebster Award, so you can learn a little bit more about me here.

September 11, 2015: I finally responded to my Sunshine Blogger Award questions.


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