DIY Wedding Crafts

You are probably thinking… Why is she posting about wedding crafts?  Her wedding was over a year ago… But no, it’s not crafts from my own wedding…

This post was originally supposed to be published while I was away at one of my best friends’ wedding at the beginning of the month.  I was in her wedding party, and although we don’t live in the same city anymore, I did go and visit her for the long weekend in September to help with wedding prep (plus a long overdue visit).  So I wanted to share some of the easy wedding crafts that we did that weekend. Continue reading

I got my Credit Report… You should too!

As a part of the process I laid out for myself to get organized before going through my mortgage renewal, I wanted to take a look at my credit report so that I would be able to make sure that there weren’t any errors on it.  It is something that a lot of personal finance bloggers recommend doing at least once a year, and honestly, I hadn’t looked at my credit report since I signed up for some 1 month promotion for fraud protection (you know the deals I’m talking about… one month free, and they send you this crazy in-depth report on your credit, with your credit score, but if you don’t remember to cancel the trial, it’ll cost you $X every month… )

Anyway, I managed to get out of that without paying anything, but that was years and years ago… And since then I have had different credit cards, moved a couple times… Got married… Things have changed, so it is good to take a look and make sure that there isn’t anything fishy on the report.  I don’t foresee any issues getting approved for a new mortgage, but we are looking to re-finance and pay for some of our major home renos using the equity in our property.

I know, I know… I am getting scowls from all sort of places in the personal finance community for saying that, but with interest rates so low, and with us really wanting to have the house finished up so we can enjoy it before we are too old to enjoy it, we will be borrowing to invest in our home, while still attempting to catch up on our retirement contributions.  The interest rates make sense, so we are going for it.

So, how do you get your credit report?  I have no idea for any one not in Canada, sorry, but in Canada there are two credit agencies that you can get your reports from: Equifax and Transunion.

The websites don’t make it easy to find the free credit report, because they want you to pay for their services… but hopefully I can just link them directly here:

These are the forms you have to fill out, and then mail in with copies of your ID so that they can then send you your reports.

I did it, and it was surprisingly fast to get them back… I’m not going to share the content of my reports obviously (that is personal information that shouldn’t be published on my blog), but I can say that I went through the reports and everything looked normal, good and there was nothing that I didn’t recognize as myself.

My husband delayed a bit on getting his forms filled out, but we sent those out not too long ago.  We haven’t received anything back yet, but hopefully soon…  We will review them when we get them and make sure that everything is normal, but we are moving forward without reviewing his in detail because we are running out of time.

Do you review your credit report regularly?  Have you ever found any issues with it?

October 2016 Financial Update

So… Have you missed me?  I can’t believe that it has been a full three weeks since my last post.  Sorry about that!  I had a bunch of drafts started to post while I went away to my friend’s wedding, but then prep for that got busy, and so all the blog plans went out the window… And of course, the moment we got home from that, both my husband and I came down with what we are nicknaming the “death cold”.  Today is the first day that I have even attempted to be human (not just a lump on the couch).  So, it’s a bit late, but here’s my financial update for the beginning of October.

September Spending

With all the wedding travel expenses coming out of our planned spending accounts, September managed to be a better month in terms of regular spending.  We came in just under the goal of $7700 (the average of last year).  This includes our mortgage, utilities and normal monthly costs, but didn’t count special spending that we saved up for (planned spending as I call it). Continue reading

Bullet Journal Update: The Evolution of my Weekly Spread

This post was supposed to go up last week… but I got busy and couldn’t finish it in time… In any case, here it is… I’ll work on getting my posting schedule back up to twice a week… 


As I promised last week two weeks ago, I am going to share with you today an update on my bullet journal.

I started my first bullet journal in January, and have really been enjoying it.  On my honeymoon I bought myself a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook (one of the most popular notebooks for BuJo enthusiasts) and I started using it in May.  I’ve shown various bits and pieces of the bullet journal over the course of the last few months, but I wanted today to discuss how my daily/weekly spreads (the meat & potatoes of the BuJo) have evolved over the last few months.

Continue reading

Habit Tracker Update


As I mentioned last week, Goal #2 of my goals for 2016 is really a collection of smaller goals.  They have evolved through out the year as my priorities change, or as I decide I want to work more on one thing or the other.

The Original Goal had 7 items on the habit tracker, but some were combinations of things.  My first check-in was back in February where I had increased the number to 8, but still had the combined items (morning & evening routines), and then I did another update in March where I split up a bunch of the items and had a total of 12 habits to track.  I skipped April because we were away on our honeymoon for most of it…

Then when I got my new bullet journal, I did another habit tracker.  I split up some of the combined habits, and got rid of a couple, so I still has 12 habits to track.  I did an update in June where I reduced the number of habits to 10.  But I haven’t done an update since…

I haven’t really changed my habit tracker up much since then, I am just plugging along, working on making these things routine.  So let’s quickly review how I have done, and where I need to re-focus my efforts to make some improvements. Continue reading

Time to Re-Focus


As I mentioned last Thursday, I find the beginning of September does a lot to help me re-focus on my goals and be productive.  It probably helps that the weather has turned a little grey and wet here in Victoria the last couple days.  It also probably helps that I was traveling on the long weekend and had some time to ponder about my goals while waiting for my flights…

Of course, that didn’t help me get a post written in time to post on Tuesday this week.  Hopefully next week I will be back on the twice a week posting schedule.  Until then, I’ll briefly discuss my plan to re-focus on my goals. Continue reading

September 2016 Financial Update

Probably because growing up it meant school starting again, but for whatever reason, September always means the end of summer to me, even though technically it is still summer for a few weeks.  And with the end of summer comes a new focus to get organized and productive for the remaining 4 months of the year.  Hopefully that will also lead in to a focus on reducing spending because the summer months are typically very “spendy” and this summer was no exception.

August Spending

I’ve mentioned already that we have spent quite a bit of money on the new addition to our family.  I’m sure we could find cheaper ways to get the training and care that we are getting, but I am supporting a friend’s business with a lot of it, so I am happy to do it.

Anyway, the goal remains the same: to keep our monthly spending below the average of last year, which was $7700 per month.  This includes our mortgage, utilities and normal monthly costs, but didn’t count special spending that we saved up for (planned spending as I call it).  Although, I guess we could argue that buying a dog is special spending… Oh well, I didn’t classify it as that.  Anyway, this month we came in at $10,000.  No comment… Continue reading