Hello Stranger… Been a while…


Did you miss me?  Did you wonder where I’d gone?

Yes, it has been a long 6 or so months since I last posted (my June financial update), and a lot has happened, but I don’t want to abandon my blog, and I’d really like to get back in to posting regularly.  (Okay, I never really posted regularly, but I posted occasionally…)

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Hello, My Name is…

I started this blog about a year and a half ago as an anonymous blog.  I purposely had things left vague… and didn’t really disclose too much about myself…

But that’s all about to change.  Okay, not totally, but I’ve decided it is time for me to at least have a name (I’m sick of being an acronym – ARBM).  And since I’m lazy, and don’t want to come up with a nickname for myself, or try to learn a new name, I decided that I would just use my own name.  That’s right, I am becoming slightly less anonymous!

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My Spendy Teen Years…

This post was supposed to be published yesterday… but somehow I messed up… there goes my streak of Tuesday/Thursday posts… Oh well, it’s published now…

Last week I started writing about my financial upbringing and how I have been so lucky to grow up in the situation that I have. I ended that post nearing the end of my elementary school days.

Junior high school was when I started getting a bit more spendy, a bit more independent with my money, and a little less responsible with it.  I would babysit, and instead of getting a pay cheque that had to go to a bank before I could use it, I would get cash… and cash could sit in your wallet and get spent… I’m sure I put some money in savings… but mostly I think I spent my money on special lunches in the cafeteria, or going to the food court in the shopping mall for lunch, or buying random cheap knickknacks during those lunch time walks to the mall.

I got my first credit card sometime in junior high school.  It was technically not “mine” but attached to my mom’s card.  But I wasn’t allowed to use it without permission (and being the super good kid that I was, I followed the rules).  It was mostly so that I could go do my own clothes shopping with my friends and not have to drag my parents around with me.

I don’t know that I really fully understood credit cards back then, but having one got me familiar with the concept and that a credit card didn’t meant I could spend whenever I wanted…

Although I was spendy and slightly silly with my own money, my parents also made sure that I learned more responsibility around money in junior high too.  Any time that I wanted to do something expensive, like a school band trip to Disneyland, the deal was that if I could fund-raise or pay for 1/3 of the expense (plus my spending money for on the trip), my parents would pay for the rest… It was a pretty sweet deal really, and it definitely was motivating to get me to sell my chocolate covered almonds, or whatever else was the fundraising trend that year…

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My Financial Upbringing…


I am extremely lucky.  I know it.  But sometimes I forget, or take it for granted… The Frugalwoods did a post about how they are privileged to have the opportunity to pursue financial independence.  And while I am nowhere near their advanced level of frugality and proximity to financial independence, I did relate to a lot of what they were saying.  I have often wondered how different my life would be now, if only one or two things had been different while I was growing up…

I have mentioned in other posts that before I started this blog, and before I started reading personal finance  blogs, I had been going through life on auto pilot.  That’s not to say that I wasn’t enjoying my life, but I would often just take the default path, with little intention or thought put in to it.  Luckily for me, my upbringing was such that this didn’t lead me down the path of financial disaster.  I somehow managed to end up in a pretty good state, with no student debt, no consumer debt, and a mortgage on my “forever” home as my only debt… so I thought I’d go through my past and examine how that happened…

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Christine from Barefoot Budget has nominated me for an award, however, in the spirit of her somewhat unconventional nomination and post, I’m not actually going to nominate anyone else and pass it on… I’ll just quickly answer her questions.

Here are her questions:

  • What is your favorite hobby and why?

That’s a tough one because I tend to go thru fazes of what I’m interested in… As I sit at my kitchen table this morning, drinking my tea and looking out at my backyard, I think gardening is my favourite right now.  I love planting seeds and watching them grow and then seeing the produce come from them.  There is so much satisfaction in being able to feed yourself with something you produced in your own garden.

Some carrots from my garden.

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Beautiful Blogger Award


Last week, Jillian over at “How to be Myself” nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

The rules are simple: link the blogger who nominated you; list seven random things about yourself; nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers; notify the people that you nominate.

So, now to dig down in to the depths of my brain for seven random facts about me that I haven’t already put on my About Me page or in the posts for the Liebster Awards

  1. I was really really bad at the whole fiance trivia game that we did on the weekend… like really bad… I got his eye colour right…
  2. I think blue is my favourite colour… followed closely by green… Or some combination of the two…
  3. I had a very proud gardener moment the other day… we came home from a weekend away, and there was not much in the fridge to make dinner with, but instead of ordering in, we went out to the garden, picked a few veggies and made a delicious pasta dish with them!
  4. I try to collect shot glasses from every place I visit when traveling.  Which totally goes against the whole clutter-free minimalist thing… oh well…
  5. I like vanilla… I like the smell of vanilla and I like the taste of vanilla… Lately I’ve been drinking a vanilla tea… quite yummy!
  6. I like to give things personalities… like numbers… I think 6 is a nicer number than 7… for some reason 7 seemed to think it was better than the other numbers… why does 7 get to be a lucky number… it’s not really that special, is it?  So I’m going to end here… with 6.

And now to nominate seven six creative, beautiful bloggers… I’m sorry if you’ve been nominated before, and if you don’t want to participate, that is totally cool too.

  1. Gin is my Comfort Food
  2. Writer Style
  3. Christine @ the Barefoot Budget
  4. Anne Lene @ Minimalist Sometimes
  5. Ania @ Enjoy The View
  6. My Two Cents (Canadian)

So thank you again for the nomination Jillian.  If you haven’t been over to check out the post where she nominated me, you can go through this link.

Liebster Award – Round 2

I know I said I’d get this up a few days ago, but it’s been a busy work week… better late than never, right?

I did a post back in January when I was originally nominated for the Liebster Award by Gin Is My Comfort Food, but I have been fortunate enough to be nominated again!  This time it comes from Barb & John at Decluttering the Stuff.  Thank you for the nomination!

leibsterThere have been a few variations on the Liebster Award that I’ve seen, but this time round, the rules (as copied from Decluttering the Stuff) are:

The Liebster Award is an online trophy given from one new blogger to another in which we have to complete tasks listed in the award rules.  Here are the rules for the Liebster Award:

– Each nominee must have under 200 followers
– You must thank and link to the nominated blog
– You must answer the 10 questions asked of you and propose 10 new ones for your nominees
– You must nominate 10 blogs and tell them that they have been nominated
– You must write a post containing the questions
– You must include these rules in the post

I definitely don’t have 200 followers, so that’s a fit.  I don’t know how to tell how many followers some blogs have though… And I’m also not sure if I’ll be able to come up with 10 questions and 10 new blogs to nominate… but I’ll get to that later…

First up, let’s answer some questions:

  1. Dog or Cat??
    I’m totally a cat person… I have 2… but we also want to get a dog.  I love dogs as well, but if I was forced to choose, I’d go cat…
  2. What is your one “indulgence” you won’t give up?
    I guess that would be wine & cheese… I’m not supposed to eat dairy because it upsets my tummy, but having some tasty wine with a nice flavoured cheese is heaven…
  3. Who is your favorite author?
    Tough one… I guess Jane Austen.  I’m a big Austen fan…
  4. Do you think you could achieve a true zero waste lifestyle?
    I would like to think I could, but realistically… unless I go full on homesteader, off the grid, and all that, I think that it wouldn’t be possible.
  5. Which states/countries have you lived in for more than 3 months?
    I guess I’ve only lived here in BC (Canada) and then in Sweden for a year.
  6. Which sports team is no longer worthy of your “loyalty”?
    I am extremely loyal… so I’m not sure I have a sports team that I was once loyal to that I am no longer…
  7. Where is your favorite vacation spot?
    I’m not one to go to the same place more than once very often… but over the years I have spent a lot of time in Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island here in BC.  It’s pretty beautiful and it is where I am getting married this summer.
  8. What is it about yourself that you like the most?
    Hmm… I guess my problem solving skills or adaptability.  With my work, I’m often going to different places and living in different hotels, motels, rental houses… I seem to be able to adapt to the new living arrangement pretty well.
  9. What would you do if you had more courage to do it?
    More DIY home renos.  I’m super afraid of doing something wrong in my house…
  10. What is your favorite food?
    Peanut butter.  And popcorn.  But not together.  Although, I haven’t tried that… new experiment to try when I get home?

Those were hard questions… And I’m not sure I answered them very well… Sorry!

And now, I am supposed to make 10 questions… I may borrow some from previous Liebster award posts I’ve read…

  1. Who do you write for?
  2. If you had a super power, what would it be?
  3. Where are you going on your next travel adventure?
  4. Do you like where you live currently?
  5. What is your favorite season of the year?
  6. If you were given $1 million dollars, no strings attached, what would you do with it?
  7. What is your favorite post that you’ve written? (Please provide link!)

Well, it’s not 10, but it’s the best I could come up with at this point… Now for my nominees…

  1. Unfashionista
    I found her blog while searching for closet and capsule wardrobe inspiration.  I like her style.
  2. Carly at Debt, Cents & Time
    I totally seem to connect with her posts.  Plus, she’s Canadian like me!
  3. Amanda at Adult Contentment
    Another blogger that was found recently on my capsule wardrobe search… I haven’t gone back to read her past posts, but I like the recent stuff!
  4. Kristen at Stuff and Such
    Yet another blogger that I found with my search for capsule wardrobe inspiration, but generally just like the topics she writes about…
  5. Minnesota Scatterbrain
    I started following along with her KonMari decluttering posts for inspiration.
  6. Newbie Minimalist
    She’s been inspiring my decluttering and potential minimalist ambitions.

There are so many blogs out there that I love and I’m sure more that I haven’t found yet, but I’ll leave the number there at 6.  Please go take a look at these blogs, and if you want to answer the questions in the comments and share your blog with me, please do!


Liebster Award! (and a bit more about me)

I’m not even sure how I first stumbled across her blog, but for a couple weeks now I have been following Gin Is My Comfort Food and really enjoying it. We seem to have a lot in common and have similar goals. And now she has been so nice as to nominate me for the Liebster Award.leibster

There are many different variations on the Liebster Award, but the goal is always the same: to learn a bit more about the awarded blogger and to promote and share some of your favourite blogs.

You can read the post where I got nominated here. I followed the trail through the nominations and found a bunch of blogs that interest me, so it’s definitely fun and worth the journey.

And now it is my turn.

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