Mins Game – Days 13 to 19

Well… I guess that month is done… And I fell off the Mins Game wagon again… And the blogging wagon… But I’m not gone for good. I really do want to get in to consistent posting, and also really want to get through this Mins Game.

So now I’m just assigning random days when I find time to do the decluttering… Let’s see where we got to lately…

Day 13

As we get in to bigger numbers of items, I am finding it harder to take a single picture of the items, as I find things in various places around the house, it is better to take the picture and put them in the donation box right away. If I wait… then it gets messy… and then I might lose motivation or forget which items are leaving… So there will probably be multiple photos for each of the “days” going forward…

Day 13 items consist of 2 old yearbooks (don’t worry, I kept my copy – these were spares because I was involved in the creation of the book), a tray, a bag of bath goodies, 4 gift bags, a photo frame, a cutting board, a drink tray, a box and a wire shelf. 13 items. Done.

Day 14

Day 14… a bit of a struggle today… a lamp, a receiving blanket, 5 glasses, a gravy boat, my squash racket, with cover, and 4 balls… That’s 14! Counting the racket cover and the balls individually might be cheating, but at least I didn’t also count the packaging… The tough one today was my squash racket… I used to LOVE playing squash. It was something that I started in university and did quite often for a few years afterwards… But I haven’t been in a long time… And I don’t see myself getting back in to it seriously any time soon, so I will let it go, and if I decide to pick it up again, I will invest in a new racket (and by “new” I mean “new to me” preferably used).

Day 15

For day 15, I let go of a big part of my past, my childhood, and also let go of some aspirations that I had to return to beading and making jewelry. I have not made myself anything in years and years, and all these beads and supplies sat idle for far too long. If the time comes that I want to make myself something, I will be able to purchase more supplies specific for that project. In the meantime, someone else can make use of all of these items. Obviously, this was a tough one for me, but it feels good to let go of it and have the decision made. (Also, the beads have already been sold and are moving on.) It is WAY more than 15 items, but it all went out as one big collection, so I’m not about to split it up or count out individual items.

Day 16

For day 16, I am getting rid of some kids’ DVDs (I don’t think we own a DVD player anymore, and can get anything on YouTube these day) and some books (some I’ve read, some I haven’t, but if I am interested again, I can check the library).

Day 17

Day 17… A random stack of papers (we’ll call the 2 items) and a fancy rewards card box from Canadian Tire. (Not sure why our rewards card came in a fancy box…) Then I started working on my clothing… Got rid of the nursing and maternity shirts that I haven’t used in a few years… that were crowding my drawers and shelves… And then got rid of a few other shirts and dresses that I don’t wear anymore. (I am trying to sell some of these, hopefully I am successful.)

Day 18

Continuing with the clothing purge… For Day 18, I have another dress, a stack of 7 items, and another stack of 10 items. That totals 18. Sweet! Done!

Day 19

For Day 19, we will continue on the clothing train for a bit with a stack of 4 items, and a collection of 5 belts. Next, we got rid of 2 mugs, 2 books, and 2 crib sheets. We did some sorting in the garage the other day, and we got rid of this stack of 5 pillows. And I think that actually brings us to a count of 20, but I’ll say that’s good for day 19.

And that is another installment of the Mins Game updates… Hopefully I can get back on track and finish up another “week” of decluttering pretty quick here.

How did you April (and now May) go? Did you achieve your goals?


5 thoughts on “Mins Game – Days 13 to 19

  1. Nice work! I am not doing the mins game but I have a ton of things I want to go through and of those, hopefully I will be able to let go of a lot of things. Your post helps me think through what I want to keep and not. Ex: you write “it’s been years since I..” or something like “I’m letting go of what I thought I’d do” (beading). Knowing these phrases may help me let go of things that I’ve had trouble letting go of.

    I also just want to ask myself: do I love it? and/or am I going to use it? If the answer or answers are no, I can let go.

    Thank you!!!

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    • Thank you Julie! I’m so glad that my post has provided some help to you. I still find it very hard to let go of things, and to let go of the aspirations or ideas I have of who I think I am or who I think I should be. I’ve read lots of blogs about decluttering, and there are a lot of people who suggest that we try to let go of who we think we should be and enjoy who we are and what interests us now. We can always change, and there will always be more stuff to acquire if our interests do change, but that stuff is probably hindering us from enjoying who we are now. Does that make sense?


  2. Glad to see it went well for you! Looks like you were able to declutter a lot of stuff! I’m still working on my update post for how April went for us. Hoping to finish it up this weekend. Consistent posting is such a challenge! Love seeing your progress 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have definitely not been great at consistent posting… It’s tough, eh? Looking forward to reading your post on how April went for you! 🙂


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