January Focus Review: My Morning Routine

I had planned to have the conclusion of my Mins Game published today, but I’m still behind… So that will have to wait… Doesn’t really bode well for my year of monthly challenges… But we won’t think about that today… Anyway… Let’s discuss something else…


When I published my post on my updated morning routine, I had no idea what sort of response it would get, and I was definitely not prepared for the popularity of that post. It was a Pinterest sensation! Remember when I mentioned that I was getting near 10,000 views for all of 2016?  Yeah, with that morning routine post, I have already almost reached that in just a month. I even had a couple days with over 1000 views each!  Craziness!  (I realize that this might not be a lot for other bloggers, but it is a huge jump up for me!)

Anyway, the point is that it was obviously something that many people were interested in, so I figured that I should do a follow up to discuss how my January focus went, and what I learned from it.

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A New Morning Routine


On Tuesday, I posted about my personal goals for 2017.  Goal #4 was to complete a monthly focus.  For January, I have chosen my mornings.

I think I’ve mentioned before that my old morning routine is no longer working out as well… The new puppy has added in a whole new set of tasks and requirements.  And I wanted to re-think it, and re-work it to fit my life now… Of course, as she always seems to do, just when I needed some inspiration on the topic, Cait Flanders posted about her slow morning routine that she is working on for January.

Unlike Cait, however, I am not trying to slow down my mornings… As much as I would love to…  I’m more interested in making sure that I get the important tasks completed.  I already naturally have very slow mornings… If I make a cup of tea, I sometimes just sit and drink it staring out the window…  And that is fine, if it fits in to the timeline of getting to work on time.


So, what do my mornings need?

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Getting Organized: My Morning Schedule


The last couple days, I’ve been going over my new three part plan to get my life organized.  You’d think by now I’d have figured it out… but better late than never, right?

My Sunday plan is to set the week up right and get my lists together for the week, and then my evening to-do list is to make sure that I get things done before going to bed, so that my mornings are easier… which of course brings me to my mornings… the dreaded mornings…

I am not a morning person.  I hate getting up and out of bed.  (I mean who does really?  Bed is warm and comfy…) But I love mornings when I do actually get up to enjoy them.  For a couple years now, my running buddy and I have been trying to go for at 6am run three times a week.  I say “trying” because we don’t always do it… for various reasons… sometimes the 6am text conversations look like:

“It’s raining out…”

“Yeah, it’s really wet… ”

“and dark… ”

“and cold… ”

“Try again on Friday?”

“Sounds good.  Enjoy your sleep-in.”

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