My Mins Game So Far…

Today is January 17th, so it is day 17 of my “Mins Game” that I set as my January monthly challenge when I discussed my personal goals for 2017 last week.  If you haven’t heard of the challenge, check out this page on the Minimalists website.  I guess technically I’m not playing the game right because I’m doing it alone… but whatever.  I’m  going to do it.  Feel free to join in and make it so that I’m not alone…

So, 17 days in, my grand total is supposed to be 153.  Let’s go over what I’ve gotten rid of so far…

Day 1: My Wedding Dress


Yup, let’s start with a big one.  If I wanted to get all technical, I could say that it was the dress, the sash, two garment bags, a coat hanger and a pile of dress trimmings… But it’s just one big item.  I packed it up and sent it to my half-sister who got engaged in the fall and might use it to help make her dress.

Day 2: 2 Candy Canes


And from the big one, to 2 that I sort of feel are so easy it’s cheating.  But these two were sitting in a bowl in our living room since Christmas… The rest of the Christmas chocolates that were in the bowl with them long since eaten… Apparently candy canes are not popular in our household.  As much as I hate to waste food, these two went in the garbage.

After day 2, I got inspiration from a photo I saw on Instagram (by IntentionallyLess) to make a little calendar to put in my photos.  I took a page from the back of my bullet journal (the Leuchtturm 1917 has a few perforated sheets at the back) and made a calendar like table:



Day 3: Random Items


I love the idea of this Plant Nanny, but I honestly don’t have any indoor house plants.  We already have a bunch of flashlights, so I don’t think we need anymore… and then there was this random attachment to something… (sorry it is hard to see in this photo)  To what does it attach?  I have no idea… I’m sure I’ll find it now that I’ve gotten rid of that piece, but obviously wasn’t important enough to remember before now…

Day 4: Old Computer Bits


For day 4, I opened up a cupboard where we had stashed a bunch of old computer cables and such.  An easy 4 items: 3 computer mice and a set of computer speakers.

Day 5: More Old Computer Stuff


I continued to dig through that cupboard and found a keyboard, 2 monitor cables, a power supply cable and a car charger for a cell phone that we no longer own.

Day 6: Same Cupboard of Computer Stuff


Add to the collection of computer and electronics stuff… an Ethernet cable, a USB cable, a random audio cable, 3 cell phone chargers for different phones (Nokia, Samsung & Motorola) and a broken needle for inflating soccer balls.  (Does the Sesame Street song come in to your head here?  “One of these things is not like the other… “)

Day 7: Clothes Hangers


Taking a little departure from the electronics, in the same cupboard I found a collection of hangers that are not ever going to be used in our household.  Not even sure why they are there… Technically there were more than 7 of them, but because it was so easy to toss them all as a group, I didn’t worry about it…

Day 8: More Electronics


After I realized how easy it was to toss out old electronics, I found another stash that I could go through… 2 more computer mice (that makes a total of 5 if you’ve been keeping track), 2 more Ethernet cables, 2 more cell phone chargers for phones we haven’t had in eons, an empty CD case and a collection of adapters for an Ipod stereo that has already left the house a long time ago…

Day 9: And the Computer/Electronics Continue…


For day 9, I found the box for one of my old cell phones, including some cables and the manuals, a pack of almost 30 empty CD cases (back from when I used to burn mix CDs from downloaded music), yet another cell phone charger (I obviously went through a lot of different phones before I got hooked on my iPhone), an actual home phone with its cables (who has those anymore?) and some wall mounting adapter that I can’t figure out if it belongs to that phone, or if it belongs somewhere else…  It’s not exactly 9 things, but I figure with the stack of CD cases it could be more than 9… Good enough!

Day 10: Floppy Disks


Who has the ability to read floppy disks anymore?  Laptops aren’t even coming with CD drives these days… So, as sentimental as I would like to be and keep my old school work, I haven’t looked at them in over 10 years, so good bye to 8 floppy disks, 2 carrying cases for the disks, and another box with user manuals from a cell phone that I know I actually lost at some point on a pub crawl during my university days.  Again, more than 10, but I’d rather just get them all gone instead of saving them for another day.  (I may regret that later on when I get to 28 or 29 items…)

to be continued…

This post is getting a little long… I’ll continue going through my MinsGame daily declutters next time… So far, the total count is: 55+ items.

Have you ever played the MinsGame?



12 thoughts on “My Mins Game So Far…

  1. That’s a ton! I really don’t think I have that much stuff to get rid of. Plus, my husband is the computer geek and as much as I would love to go crazy and pitch all his wires, he would have a fit! lol! Are your cabinets feeling nice and clean and clear?

    Liked by 3 people

    • It does feel like a lot of things have left the house, but there is still so much more left… Nothing is empty yet… And I just discovered another box of cables and such that moved in with my husband. I’ll have to ask him about those ones… These ones were mostly all my own…

      Liked by 1 person

    • And yes, it is indeed my wedding dress. I tend to be pretty sentimental about a lot of things, or at least I used to be, but with my exploration in to minimalism and the KonMarie method, I have found I am able to let go of things much easier. I know I’ll never have a place to wear my wedding dress again, and it did its job, I have loads of photos of it… I’d rather it be used by someone else than sit in my closet, and so it just worked out that my half-sister is getting married and loved the idea of using my dress as a part of hers.

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  2. Wow, you’re very brave to get started with your wedding dress! Was that easy for you or how did you feel about it? Haha, love all those cables, manuals and floppy disks you got rid of 😊 I also still have floppy disks but I haven’t been brave enough to go through them yet… As for the home phone, I actually still have one 😊😊😊 The internet package comes with a free landline so I plugged it in, although I must say I haven’t a clue what my actual phone number is…^^ I also found out it’s not working properly so I might change it, or after being inspired by your post, get rid of it all in all^^

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    • My wedding dress wasn’t actually all that hard to part with. Maybe because I gave it to someone that I care about and was really appreciative of me giving it to her. It felt like the right thing to do.

      LOL! Yeah, if the home phone isn’t working… And you don’t use it… Might be an easy one to include in the MinsGame to increase your count one day when you are struggling… If you struggle… Maybe you don’t have a hard time getting rid of things like I do…

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      • Yes, that makes sense. I’m very glad it went so well and that someone you care for now has it and is happy about it – that makes up for everything, right? ❤
        Haha, yes, I might include it in the end.. 😉 It has some sentimental messages recorded on it though so I'm not too sure to be ready to let it go yet 😉 I'm horrible…!!! 😀

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