Radio Silence

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that more often than not, if the blog goes silent for a while, it is because I am away for work…

So, I’m sure with the lack of posts recently you can guess where I’ve been…

Anyway, I’ve had a bunch of post ideas that I started, I just haven’t completed them, so hopefully in the next couple weeks I’ll be able to get my act together and put something with substance up…

Until then, I will once again leave you with some photos…

Safety first at the worksite!

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So… Yeah… Today is a “blog post” day for me… And I didn’t write a blog post on the weekend like I was supposed to… And then I went away for work (currently away), so I don’t have anything written for today… The best/worst part is, that I had a plan for my posts, and for my February focus & monthly challenge… But I haven’t even been doing very well at keeping up with those… So I need to work on that a bit more before I can post about them… So, I really have nothing to post about today… Instead I’ll give you a couple photos from my work trip…

I hope you are having a good week. And hopefully I will have something with a bit more content for you on Thursday.

Happy Blog-iversary!

It has officially been 2 years since I started blogging!  (You can read my very first post here.)  I can’t really believe that I’ve actually stuck with it, although I can’t say I’ve exactly been consistent… But, there has never been a month where I didn’t post anything, and I am still really having lots of fun with it.

I never created this blog with the intention of creating a large readership, or worrying about my page views, but I would be lying if I said that it didn’t thrill me to see a post be popular, or to have a bunch of people comment on one of my posts.  And, whether or not it was my intention, my page views have dramatically increased over the past two years.


When I hit my 100th post last fall, I did a summary post to review some of the stats of my blog, so I thought it would be fun to revisit some of those numbers again, over a year later.

This is post #177.

So, I haven’t kept up quite the same pace as I did my first year of blogging.  But I’m not too concerned with that.  Life gets busy and sometimes it just doesn’t work out to get a blog post published.

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I started writing this post almost three weeks ago now, when I had finally arrived home after about 3 weeks away for various reasons.  Amazingly, the day I started writing this post, Cait Flanders published a post that was so fitting to what I was trying to convey, I wondered if somehow we had some psychic connection (side note – I don’t really think that we do, it was just a strange coincidence).

Anyway, after reading that post, I was pretty much ready to abandon this post because Cait is such a great writer, there was no way that I could convey my thoughts in a way that was any better.  I’m also not sure this post will fit in to any of the existing categories on my blog, but since I haven’t really been home lately, I don’t have any of the typical things to post about… And on my 3 hour drive alone the other night, I got to thinking… That can be dangerous when you are alone sometimes, but after an amazing fun weekend with 3 of my good girl friends, it was all very positive.

I think I’ve posted now that I am an engineer.  Being a female engineer is still not super common, and during my time at university, there were only a few girls in my year.  Of those girls, for some reason, 4 of us seemed to stick together after graduation.  It’s not to say that we weren’t friends with other girls in the program, but for whatever reason, now that we have been out of school for 10 years, the 4 of us still manage to stay in touch and be good friends. Continue reading

Hello, My Name is…

I started this blog about a year and a half ago as an anonymous blog.  I purposely had things left vague… and didn’t really disclose too much about myself…

But that’s all about to change.  Okay, not totally, but I’ve decided it is time for me to at least have a name (I’m sick of being an acronym – ARBM).  And since I’m lazy, and don’t want to come up with a nickname for myself, or try to learn a new name, I decided that I would just use my own name.  That’s right, I am becoming slightly less anonymous!

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I’m Away Again… So, What’s the Plan?

Remember last month when I discussed how when I go away for work, everything else just drops off the face of the planet?  Yeah… So, I’m away for work again, and that plan to have a plan in place before I went so I would be productive… Yeah, well that didn’t happen… But I’m writing this on Monday night, my first night away, so I’m going to put together a plan for this week right now… Let’s go over the five challenges that I discussed.

1. Exercise

The first issue that I was having was that I didn’t get any exercise while I am away… So I put together a mini fitness challenge for this week… Since it is already the end of Day 1, I left that as a complete rest day… And I know that on my travel day home (Day 7) I won’t be doing much of anything, so I left that as a complete rest day as well… Anyway, here it is:

1 week challenge

2. Eating

This work trip is a little different than the last in that I’m staying at a work camp, not at hotels (meaning this site is more remote)… So, I get most of my food served to me from the camp kitchen, and I pack my lunch from the lunch fridge… It’ll be a bit of a challenge to stay away from the yummies, but I’ll try my best…  I did buy myself a selection of healthy snacks so that I wouldn’t be as tempted, but remember when I said I shouldn’t have a second plate at dinner… I didn’t re-read that until after dinner tonight… So, I had a second plate at dinner.  However, that second plate consisted of a green salad, so really that’s like a win, right?  Especially because I didn’t have any sweets after dinner.  In any case, with my challenge to keep a food journal going, I should be motivated to not eat the wrong stuff because I’ll have to write it down… Wish me luck! Continue reading