It’s hard to blog…

Hello internet friends,

I’ve got something to admit… I find blogging hard… Okay, let me rephrase that a little… I find that the perfectionist in me finds blogging hard. I want my posts to be well written (never going to happen) and to have interesting/worthwhile content (also not likely). So, even though I always have a list of ideas for posts, I can never seem to get a post published… That is because all these ideas generally require me to complete some sort of task outside of the blog, and not only that, but it also generally requires me to document that task. Because of that, one of a few things normally happens to those tasks… either I procrastinate the task until I have enough time to document it “properly” as I do it (which never happens), or I just work at the task piecemeal and never document it, or by the time I think to document it I feel that it’s already so far gone that it’s not worth it anymore…

So, that’s basically what’s been happening over the last few months/years. I’ve had lots of ideas, I’ve been working on all sorts of projects and habits, but nothing has been documented enough or to my “standards” to allow me to blog about it.

The other side of it is that I sometimes feel pressure to be making this blog my life or my job or whatever… And honestly, as much as I’d love to get paid to write about the projects I do around my house, I am not about to quit my well-paying and enjoyable job to “sell” myself online. It’s just not me. But I wonder if that pressure (be it real or just in my head) has held me back from just being my normal flawed person here on the blog… I wonder if it has created this sense that my posts need to be worthy of being on a professional blog to be posted…

Anyway… all this to say that I am hereby giving myself permission to let go of any pretense that this blog will ever be a money making venture. I am giving myself permission to publish posts of half-finished, not perfect projects, and to post things that I didn’t think to document until I was either done or mostly done, because if I want to share it, I should!

So hopefully I will be able to get some posts done in the near future and get back to posting more regularly… with imperfect, but real, content.

Let me know if there are any other previous post topics that you’d like an update on…

P.S. Back in the spring of 2021 I was doing the mins-game… I abandoned that, so I won’t bother trying to finish that specific challenge up… but I have been doing lots of decluttering and I have a lot more to do, so hopefully I’ll find a way to post about my haphazard decluttering…


4 thoughts on “It’s hard to blog…

  1. Now I know why it’s hard for me to not be perfect too–I am a Cancer!

    I know that posting my thoughts helps me move forward, namely with certain decisions. I also know that I find errors no matter how many times I proofread, so I get my post to where I’m as comfortable with it as I know I”ll be and I publish.

    I’d love to know how childrearing is going for you and if you’re working on the house at all.

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  2. Some people can blog and make money, while others are better off just blogging and not stress over the financial aspect. I’m in the latter camp. Been blogging for over 10 years and I’m not earning any income from my writings. Life is too short to make everything about money anyway. Do what you like. Be authentic. The people who come to read your content will do so, and those who don’t doesn’t matter. 🙂

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