Garden Update – Summer 2017

Remember when I used to write things about my garden?

In 2015, making a successful garden was one of my goals… I made plans… I shared a photo of my plants growing… And some of my harvests

Last year, I didn’t make gardening one of my official goals, but I did a big (for me) DIY project… and I planted things… and then I talked about my harvests

This year, I have done none of that… Okay, well I have done some of it, I just haven’t documented any of it…

I planted some stuff in little seedling pots to get things started…  But then didn’t plant it because I wanted to make dog/deer fence to keep my garden safe… and that took forever…  So, my seedlings stayed as seedlings for probably way too long…

But I finally put some stuff in my garden…  I think it is starting to grow now…  I won’t get much from it this year, but at least there are some green things in it so it’s not a blank pile of dirt…

Here it is now:

August 2017 Garden Update

I’m pretty proud of my lettuce (row of green leafy stuff on the right)… Last year I let my lettuce plants go crazy at the end of the summer, and it flowered and went to seed… so I harvested and dried the seed pods, which gave me a ton of seeds (and was very time consuming).  I had the idea that I would wrap the seeds up all nice and give them as gifts, you know, as “local organic lettuce seeds”, but instead I just kept them… and planted a bunch in my garden this summer.  The fact that they are growing makes me pretty happy because that means that I may eventually be able to keep a perpetual seed library going, instead of having to buy seeds all the time!  I’m a long way from that, I know, but I can dream… Right?

Other random garden updates:

We’ve kept our strawberries going, thankfully.  And I’ve been harvesting a big small bowl of those about once a week… But of course, no photos…

Sad news on our garden front… the peach tree had a major breakage…  The main branch with all the fruit… Before the fruit was ripe… We are now looking to perhaps buy a new peach tree and get it started this year so that we can replace this peach tree next year…

Our pear tree has about 1 pear on it… We aren’t sure what is wrong with our pear tree, but it obviously isn’t getting pollinated or something… We may have to invest in another pear tree…

And our cherry tree fruit has come and gone once again, without us humans getting any of it… there wasn’t as much fruit on it this year, but the crows and raccoons still managed to ravage it (even though we have a dog, and his presence should discourage the raccoons…)

Did you plant a garden this year?  How are your harvests going?


4 thoughts on “Garden Update – Summer 2017

    • Well, I can’t say my yard is doing so well either… I’ll be lucky to get much of a harvest, but maybe I’ll get organized and plant some fall crops when these are done…

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