August 2017 – Financial Update

I’ve been neglecting the blogging world lately, but since my financial update posts are always the easiest to write, I figure I can pop in today and do this update, even if I haven’t got any other content going at the moment… so here we go… another quick update on my financial goals for 2017.

#1 – Emergency Fund

Another good month for the human emergency fund.  Happily sitting at the $10,000 mark.  The pet emergency fund saw a very modest increase…  I’m happy that this goal is just slowly plugging along…

Human Emergency Fund = $10,000

Pet Emergency Fund = $2760 (+$320)

#2 – Planned Spending

It was bonus time for me, so we got a bit of extra funds to add to our rainy day funds in the budget, and also to pad some of our planned spending savings…

  1. Travel #1: $3650 / $3000 >> We spent more than we had planned…
  2. Income Tax: $0 / $400 >> Turns out we both got a refund this year!
  3. More Home Renos: $9000 / $35,000
  4. Other Travel: $5000 / $5000 >> Done!  (for now…)
  5. Other Savings: $10,000 / $16,000

#3 – Net Worth

Thanks to the delays in our renovations (meaning there haven’t been bills to pay) and the additions to our savings above, we had another increase in our net worth.  Yay!  I feel that in the next month or two we will see a drastic decrease as the major bills start coming in for the renovations…

Net Worth August 2017


#4 – Monthly Spending below $8000

We are over again… But at least it is a lot less than last month… Some reasons for the high spending…  We had an extremely large cell phone bill because of something chewing up data on my step-daughter’s phone.  That issue has been resolved, but it was discovered after the data usage went way over the normal amount.  My husband bought a suit and shoes for a wedding that he is going to be in this month… And I also bought a couple pairs of shoes… We ate out a bunch because our kitchen is nonexistent… It all just adds up…

July 2017 Spending

I feel like July was okay, considering our living arrangement right now… There is still some work to do to bring our expenses down, but the total is still moving up, so we are doing okay at the moment…

How was July for your finances?


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