Old Posts & Updating Things…

I have a lot of blog posts that I have started writing, but either they required me to do some more research, accomplish some sort of task, or work through some thought processes before finishing them up.  Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of these may never be finished…

Whether or not it was his intention, a recent post published by Steve over at ThinkSaveRetire got me motivated to revisit these posts…  (I realize that his post was intended to help us revisit posts that have already been published, and it may help me do that as well, but it reminded me that the drafts that are sitting unloved in my WordPress account could still be worth salvaging if I update them to my current status and mindset.)

But… As is typical with me, I always have grand plans but then fail to follow through.  So, I’m going to use you, my faithful readers, as accountability partners.  Here are a few posts that I am now committing to finish up and publish in the next few weeks:

  • My monthly financial update for September (it’s already the end of August!)
  • An update on all my personal goals
  • An update on the status of my kitchen renovations
  • A monthly focus for September (sort of related to my personal goals above)
  • A brief review of some parties that I’ve planned this summer
  • An update on my bullet journal
  • A look at my long term goals (10+ years)
  • A review on one or two books that I’ve been reading
  • 1 or 2 posts on random personal finance stuff I’ve been thinking about

And of course, because planning things like this is always easier when I have it down in my bullet journal, I made a little editorial calendar in my bullet journal.

There it is down on “paper”.  Please keep me accountable for these posts!

(And wish me luck… I’m going to need it!)

If you blog, do you have a bunch of old drafts waiting to be finished and published?  Do you use an editorial calendar to plan out your posts in advance? 


10 thoughts on “Old Posts & Updating Things…

  1. I have five drafts I should probably clear out, either by deleting them or finishing them. Definitely a good idea!

    I also had an editorial calendar in my bullet journal but I got frustrated if I had to move things around, so I have one in Trello now so it’s super easy to use. Your post-it idea is another good solution to that.

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  2. I don’t think that far ahead! I post when I can and don’t dwell on not posting. I like the idea of thinking ahead with post-its. I plan my days (lesson planning as a teacher) that it seems to inhibit planning in other areas of my life. Only so many decisions can be made daily. There must be a post in this somehow!!

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    • That’s a great way to do it. However, my “posting when I can” over the past couple months has pretty much turned in to “not posting at all”… I hope that I can at least get a few more posts up by pushing myself. We will see…

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  3. Oh, gosh… unfinished drafts… yep I have my fair share of these.. I do roam through them sometimes… I’ll delete some no longer valid, update some… use some… but then there are a few that it’s kinda maybe to late to use, but they are to good to delete and those I struggle with knowing what to do with 😐

    On account of your post… I think I need another run in my drafts folder. 😉

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    • It’s hard to delete old drafts when you spend time and effort on them but don’t actually finish them… If the content was important enough to write about at some point, I’m sure it’ll still be good with a bit of an update. Good luck with your drafts folder. I know I’m going to need some luck to get through mine! 🙂

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