Garden Update – Strawberries & Radishes!

I think I am getting better at this gardening thing… finally!  You saw my strawberries in a post a couple weeks ago on my financial update.  (I have since replaced that photo with the proper graph, so I’ll show them to you again here.)  Those are still going strong.  I pick a bowl like this every couple days.


Then, a few days ago when I was trying to make my lunch before work with no food in the fridge, I decided to go check on my garden (yes, I finally planted things in my new raised bed) to see what was growing, and low and behold, vegetables!


And yes, that is my homemade deer protection around my garden.  The most frustrating thing?  I made one half of it before the deer had got in to eat anything, but literally the following morning I went out to make the second half, and they had eaten the tops off all my bean plants!  It’s like they could sense I was going to block them and they needed to get in while they still could.

Anyway, from my growing garden, I picked out a few radishes and some lettuce.


My husband noted that there were a lot of leafy greens attached to the radishes and wondered if they were edible… I did a bit of google research, and yes, they are edible… But… I made a green smoothie with them, and it was totally gross!  So maybe they were a little too mature and I need to pick the greens earlier if I’m going to use them that way.


In any case, the lettuce and radishes made a delicious salad for my lunch.  (The cucumber is not from my garden, but it is locally grown.)  Garden Success!


Have you had any garden successes lately?  And have you ever eaten radish greens?  Can you give me some pointers on how to use them?


2 thoughts on “Garden Update – Strawberries & Radishes!

  1. It is definitely a commitment. Keeping it watered and weeded… but it was one of the big reasons that I wanted a house with a yard. I really do love it when I have the time to spend out in my garden. It is relaxing and rewarding. Hopefully you can clear some stuff off your plate to make time for a garden. Especially since you have spent so much time and effort getting your yard fixed up! 🙂


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