February’s Monthly Challenge Results

Before I get in to my challenge results, Melinda over at PurpleSlobInRecovery has nominated me for 2 blogging awards in the last little while… I had thought that I was sort of done with awards after my Sunshine Blogger Award, but it was so thoughtful of Melinda to nominate me twice, so I’ll do a bit of a response at the end of this post.  Anyway…

January’s Monthly Challenge (my Mins Game) was a little heavy on the time commitment, so I want to do something a little easier for February.  As I mentioned before, I really thought that the 7-minute workout challenge would be a simple one to complete.  But without the motivation and desire to do the exercises, it just didn’t happen… So I changed it up and decided to give myself an even easier challenge for the second half of February: read and relax, every day.

So, how did I do?

To track my results for this goal, I decided to add a line to my habit tracker to mark down the days where I spent some time reading.  I also decided that I wouldn’t worry about how long I spent reading, or if it was “productive” reading or pure “entertainment” reading.  The point was to relax, so the fluffy stuff was probably more in tune with the goal anyway.


So I was successful for 12 of the 17 days that I was keeping track of this challenge.  It’s not a full month, but if I add the 4 days that I successfully did my original 7-minute workout challenge, we get closer… or at least at 57% of the month.  Let’s call that a success.

But, the real success is the fact that I have made progress on my goal to read 12 books this year!  I finished a fluffy young adult dystopian novel (don’t judge) and I finally finished reading ‘Getting Things Done’, which I will be discussing that in an upcoming post.  I’ve also already started on my March challenge… Which I will discuss on Thursday.

Did you have any goals for February?  Did you succeed?  Any new goals for March?

And now for my awards… as I mentioned before, Melinda over at PurpleSlobInRecovery has nominated me for 2 blogging awards.  The first was a Blogger Recognition Award, and the second was a Blog-aholic Award (which was created by Esme at CookAndEnjoyRecipes).   Both awards have the intention of sharing a bit of information about yourself and to promote and share blogs.  While I really do appreciate being nominated for the awards, I’m going to  go a little off-script with my responses and not follow the prescribed rules exactly.

First up is to thank Melinda.  So, “Thank you Melinda for the awards!”

The first award asked how I started my blog… Well, you can read my first post here… I had the idea that it would help me stay accountable on my goals… And then… well, I just somehow managed to keep going… And some advice for beginner bloggers?  Don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself.  And have fun!  

And the second asked for a few facts about myself…  I’ve shared quite a bit about myself already, and I introduced myself last summer… Let’s see if I can share something else… Hmm… Earl Grey tea with vanilla is my favourite.  Sort of like a London Fog, but without all the sugar… And I really dislike watching videos like “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, or the YouTube equivalent, where people do stupid things or get hurt… I don’t find them funny… I cringe and have to close my eyes.  (My husband loves them.)  

And then I am supposed to nominate a few blogs… This is the hardest part for me… So I’ll just limit myself to a few…

1. ShyWriterGirl @ aWriterCooks
2. Kelly @ ReynoldsMade
3. Lauren @ LaurensNotebook
4. Serena @ SeryLittleNotes


14 thoughts on “February’s Monthly Challenge Results

  1. I love this set up. There are a lot of things I want/need to get done (like meds, getting up, working out etc.) but have never found a way I like to track it. I’m definitely going to have to borrow this gem.

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    • Ha Ha Ha! I have already read the Hunger Games series, so this time I am on the Divergent series. I’m reading the third book now, but my reading has slowed down with the start of a new month and a new challenge… Don’t worry though, I have some holiday plans coming up and will spend lots of time relaxing and reading then. Do you have any other recommendations of that type? Have you read the City of Ember?


  2. I’m doing the seven minute workout. I love it but it was hard at first until my friend committed to it as well. We would check up on each other daily and if I didn’t feel like doing my seven minutes in the morning and I got her text that she did them. Then I did mine in the evening. BTW, for March I copied your Tracker. I’m loving it. Thanks.

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    • That’s awesome that you and a friend are doing the 7 minute workout together. Maybe I’ll rope a friend in to doing it with me later in the year… The habit tracker has really helped me keep up on things. I’m not perfect (obviously) but I’ve improved since using it! 🙂

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    • Thank you for the nominations! 🙂
      So, the way I do my habit tracker is that each row corresponds to a habit that I’m working on. For February I had 11 (well originally 10, but added in that last one mid-month). If I do that habit on that day, I colour in the square for that habit/day. So if I were perfect, each day would have a full column of colour… Does that make sense?
      As for the colour choice… I try to have a single colour for each month in my bullet journal as sort of a visual theme for the month. For February I picked red because of Valentine’s Day. This month (March), I have green for St. Patrick’s Day. Red does tend to have negative connotations, but it has always been one of my favourite colours. 🙂

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