Sunshine Blogger Award

Christine from Barefoot Budget has nominated me for an award, however, in the spirit of her somewhat unconventional nomination and post, I’m not actually going to nominate anyone else and pass it on… I’ll just quickly answer her questions.

Here are her questions:

  • What is your favorite hobby and why?

That’s a tough one because I tend to go thru fazes of what I’m interested in… As I sit at my kitchen table this morning, drinking my tea and looking out at my backyard, I think gardening is my favourite right now.  I love planting seeds and watching them grow and then seeing the produce come from them.  There is so much satisfaction in being able to feed yourself with something you produced in your own garden.

Some carrots from my garden.

  • If you didn’t have to work for a living, what’s one big thing you would do?

Travel.  Most definitely travel.  I love visiting other places, seeing all the natural wonders that exist and learning how the people live there, and there are so many more places to see!  I’d love to do a road trip around North America too, not just travel abroad.  I know there is so much to see even in our local area that I just haven’t made the time to see.  If I didn’t have to work, I’d be able to take the time to see more!

  • What’s the best vacation you’ve been on? (I need inspiration!)

Choosing just one vacation as my “best” is hard.  But I do have to say, that the trips where I’ve been able to get active and get off the beaten track have been really awesome.  I’ve done two trips with a tour company called G Adventures (they used to be called GAP Tours or something), one to Ecuador and one to Costa Rica, and both have been amazing.  Both times I did the really active trips with hiking, biking, horse back riding, camping, rafting and so much more.  It is a group trip with a guide, so it isn’t super independent, but it’s fun to get to know a group of people from around the world and you really get to be good friends with all the crazy active stuff you are doing together.

Camping in Ecuador
  • What’s the coolest thing about the part of the country/ world where you live?

Well, obviously, the west coast of Canada is the best place to live ever!  (I may be a little biased, eh?)  But seriously, our area has some pretty awesome weather and great scenery.  We don’t have super hot summers (though this summer has been a bit of an exception), but we also don’t have cold winters either.  And living on the coast, you can always head down to the beach and check out the ocean.  We have views of spectacular mountains and access to lots of outdoor activities, both winter and summer.  It really is pretty awesome here!  (I know that I use that word too much, I need a better vocabulary…)

Local scenery.

I hope those answers are satisfactory for you Christine.  Thanks so much for the nomination!  If you haven’t already gone to check out her blog, you totally should.  She has totally been an inspiration to me with her gardening and what she can make with the produce from her garden.

As I am not nominating anyone specific here, feel free to answer Christine’s questions in the comments!

Have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Holy crap, your carrots look amazing! They grew pretty straight! That’s super cool to hear about your travels. We have gone back and forth with booking a guided trip like that to a foreign country (either through Groupon or REI) because 1. all-inclusive and 2. you seem to get a pretty good deal?? I would think having a guide in a totally different place would actually be better than trying to wing it alone? Also, sounds like you met some cool people – like summer camp all over again. I just feel like if we went alone, we would have a hard time immersing ourselves. Never been to Canada, although my best friend in college’s family was from there, and he always went on about how great it was. Have you been to Washington and Oregon? Is the coast like it is there?

    Great post – I love hearing personal details about other bloggers! Adds a lot of color 🙂

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    • I picked the rest of my carrots this weekend and grilled them up for dinner. They are pretty small, but amazingly straight. I’ve heard that if you plant them in soil that isn’t hard packed, it gives them the ability to go straight down.

      I would totally recommend G adventures. They typically give you enough free time and independence that you can still see things on your own, but you always have a guide to ask questions of and to provide assistance with dealing with local reservations or whatnot. Very helpful when you aren’t fluent in the language.

      You should totally come up to Canada sometime! It’s pretty similar to the United States in a lot of ways, but it’s fun to notice the subtle differences. I have been to Washington and Oregon, and the coast is similar, but it does change as you head south.


  2. I love to travel as well. Even though I don’t get to do much of it now, it’s a long-term goal of mine. You should definitely do a road trip though, sounds like it would be a blast!


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