The Irony of Not Getting Things Done

One of my goals for 2016 was to read 12 books.  It has started me on a library kick (well, I guess I started the library kick last year when I got started on the KonMari method), and it has been really fun.  The online system that our local library has is awesome.  I can search books, put holds on them… it emails me when they are ready for pick up, and then I just head down on one of the evenings they are open late, or on the weekend to pick up my books.

However, the unfortunate part of all this is, I seem to keep picking books that are popular and so they have reservations, which means that I only have 1 or 2 weeks to read them, and since I only read very sporadically, I have yet to actually finish a book.  Yup, that’s right… We are six months in to 2016 (well, 7 tomorrow I guess) and I haven’t read a single book yet.  I have read lots of partial books… but have not made it to the end of any of the books.

One of the books that I just recently had to return when I wasn’t quite done is Getting Things Done by David Allen.  The irony of this is not lost on me.  I was laughing about this with a coworker one day at lunch when I was reading the book (a last ditch effort to get as much out of it as I could before I had to return it).  I guess I really need to apply the theories in the book, so I can at least finish the book…

I first learned about GTD (short form of Getting Things Done) from Kara at Boho Berry.  She did a post about it back in April, but I didn’t get the library book until just a couple weeks ago. (I guess it is a popular one!)  Her post was a good introduction, but even reading the first couple chapters of the book really helped get my excited to start using the system.  After I had to return the library book, I started looking online at other resources and there are soooo many!  Seriously, just google “GTD” or “Getting Things Done” and you’ll come up with a gazillion really good references (like this one).  I’m not going to summarize everything again, the information is already out there a million times.

So, anyway, while I wait for my turn with the book from the library again, I am going to start implementing the GTD method using what I have read from the book, what Kara summarized on Boho Berry and what other sites have taught me.  Since I am away this week, and I have already selected my “to-do” items for each evening, I’m going to procrastinate on getting things done a little longer (ha ha ha!), but I will be sure to take you with me on my journey when I get down to it.

In the meantime, have you implemented this GTD method to increase productivity and reduce stress?  Do you have any tips or pointers to actually implement the method?

A little view from my work site.



6 thoughts on “The Irony of Not Getting Things Done

  1. If the above pictures is truly a view from your work site, I have no idea how you’d get things done!

    In all seriousness . . . I read a lot less than I used to and that I’d like. I do listen to books on CD in the car even though my commute is very short. Is that an option for you for reading?

    I also weigh out the late fees versus wanting to get done wtih a book and sometimes I opt for the late fee–of course there’s also the guilt with knowing that someone else is waiting for the book if that is the case.

    This is the first I’ve heard of GTD. I’ll have to see if my library has it.

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    • Unfortunately, when I’m in the building I don’t have a window to see the gorgeous scenery, but it really is quite beautiful!
      I could probably try for books on CD, but I haven’t tried it… And I haven’t really been driving to work lately, so I don’t really have that time to fill…
      In any case, I definitely recommend trying to find the book if you are looking to be more productive. I’m only just starting to try it out, but so far I feel like it will be very helpful.

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  2. LOL I did a double take while reading this post because I literally just returned GTD yesterday after having it for over a month and not even making it through the first chapter. I don’t think I’m going to attempt to re-read it because I don’t struggle too much with productivity. Getting motivated to start/complete tasks is my issue so if you have any book suggestions along those lines, I’m all ears!

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    • LOL! That’s hilarious!

      I also struggle with getting started… but what the GTD book mentions is that we have trouble because we have so much bouncing around in our heads… That we can’t start on a task because they seem too big or daunting. I’m still on the wait list to get the book back from the library, so I’ll let you know if I come across any real gems, or if I find something else to work on motivation…


  3. I early retired in April and also had a goal of reading one book per month. I really love reading and have a stack of cool books, but so far I have also finished ZERO!

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    • There are just so many things that can fill up your time, right? I have many partial reads done… Or I’ve read parts of reference books… like all the travel books when we were planning for our honeymoon. But I don’t really count that… Maybe I should?

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