Guess What?!? I’m Married!!!

So… it’s been a while… like 2 weeks… I hope you didn’t miss me too much, but I went and got married, so that sort of took up my time…

The beach where I got married.

And it was awesome!  I can’t think of anything that went “wrong” and everything worked out great.  So many of my friends and family made the trip up to Tofino for the special day, and now I’m married to an amazing man.

My flowers…

I have so many awesome stories that I could share, but for now I’ll just say I am so very very happy!  We spent a few extra days up there just the two of us, trying to relax after all the craziness, but now we are back home and I’m trying to get back to the normal routine.

Sharing some bubbly with my husband a couple days after the wedding…

The past month or so has just been craziness; I have been neglecting many things, including my goals, blogging and stuff around the house.  It’s time to get back in the groove, so this weekend I hope to review some of my goals now that some of the big ones are done and see where I stand.  Might have to revamp some of them, change some of them, or just forget some of them all together, but I’ll discuss that next week.

I also need to get back decluttering.  We managed to come out of the wedding without too many additions to our household, but there are still a bunch of things that I’ll need to tidy up, find homes for, or try to pass on for someone else to use.  Hopefully I can get on some of that this weekend or next week.

Oh, and my health and fitness goals have totally gone out the window the last month or so… remember that fitness challenge I was trying to do… yeah… I might need to revisit that, since I did not complete it…  And I think I might retry my half-marathon goal this fall.

Anyway, I can go over all of that next week.  This post was just to say hi, tell you all that I am still alive and that I’m married!!!!

Sunset in Tofino.

14 thoughts on “Guess What?!? I’m Married!!!

  1. Congratulations! Sometimes when you a big life event like a marriage or new baby, it makes sense to try to get back into your old routine as soon as possible. But I say, enjoy the change of pace! Don’t beat yourself up too much about not being on top of cleaning and goals. You only get married once (hopefully)! 😉

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  2. Congratulations ❤ !!! I'm glad you had an unforgettable wedding, wohooo 🙂 !!! Your bouquet is just absolutely gorgeous ❤ ❤ ❤ I looked up Tofino as I have no clue where that is – every time I google a place I keep being surprised and stunned at how BIG Canada is… it's incredible. Hope your start into married life was great 🙂 !


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