Liebster Award! (and a bit more about me)

I’m not even sure how I first stumbled across her blog, but for a couple weeks now I have been following Gin Is My Comfort Food and really enjoying it. We seem to have a lot in common and have similar goals. And now she has been so nice as to nominate me for the Liebster Award.leibster

There are many different variations on the Liebster Award, but the goal is always the same: to learn a bit more about the awarded blogger and to promote and share some of your favourite blogs.

You can read the post where I got nominated here. I followed the trail through the nominations and found a bunch of blogs that interest me, so it’s definitely fun and worth the journey.

And now it is my turn.

First some random facts about me:
1. My first flight was when I was only a few days old.  And I didn’t return to my birthplace until I was 26.
2. I don’t go by my legal first name, and many people are surprised to find out what it is because they don’t think it suits me.
3. I can function pretty well on very little sleep, but I love sleeping in and am definitely not a morning person.
4. I love making lists.  I just have a tendency to lose them… so I have to make a new one.
5. I have never dyed my hair.  Ever.
6. I like to eat peanut butter straight from the jar with a spoon.  Sometimes I’ll dip it in chocolate chips too.
7. I am notoriously late for everything.  I can’t seem to help it… Apparently I was born 2 weeks late, so if I’m only 10-15 minutes late now, I think that’s an improvement, right?
8. I have 2 cats, and would love to have more… plus a dog or 2… maybe someday.
9. I absolutely love Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  (Also most shows done by Joss Whedon.)
10. I once could speak French fluently, but now have forgotten most of it and have added in some German, Swedish and Spanish bits and pieces so when I try and speak anything other than English, it comes out as some weird mixture of them all.
11. I feel a bit awkward having to write down random stuff about myself.

And the questions that Gin Is My Comfort Food asked:
1. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I really want to focus on my goals, and having a blog to be accountable to will hopefully help me focus and succeed.
2. What is your dream vacation?
That’s a tough one. I definitely like a combination of adventure and relaxation. Right now, that is looking like a hiking adventure in New Zealand someday…
3. How do you deal with stress?
When I get really stressed out, I tend to just shut down. Like sit on the couch, with a bowl of ice cream and watch trash TV.  This gets nothing done, and just promotes more stress.
4. What’s your favorite drink?
Alcohol? Just kidding… sort of… I go through phases. Right now, with my attempt to limit my alcoholic drinks, I am drinking a lot of tea (I got an awesome tea pot for Christmas that allows me to use loose teas really easily).  Oh, and bubbly water.  I love my soda-stream.
5. Do you believe in ghosts?
Yes and no. Yes, in that I like to think that people that I care about who have passed away are around and watching over. No, because I am an extremely logical person, and I think everything that occurs has a logical or scientific explanation. I think those ghost hunter shows on TV are a joke.
6. Are you happy with your current job?
Yes, definitely. Obviously, it is still a job, so not having to work or working on my own schedule would be better, but the work itself is interesting and challenging.
7. What’s your favorite quirky trait of yours?
This would probably be a better question for my fiance. I know I am strange and quirky, but to pick a trait that is my favourite… difficult.  I guess my ability to be so easily distracted by shiny things. “Ooh, shiny!”
8. Do you have any tattoos?
No tattoos. I’m a bit conservative or old fashioned sometimes… I considered it when I was a bit younger and I just couldn’t make a decision. Probably for the best.  I do have a few piercings though, but nothing too exciting.
9. What advice would you give your younger self?
Stop procrastinating!
10. Who is your hero?
I could probably name a few, but right now I think it is my aunt. She’s such an amazing person. Life has thrown her every single curve ball it could possibly think of, and she’s battled through everything and comes out with a great sense of humour and a smile. She’s a survivor and so inspirational.
11. Who do you write for?
Myself, I guess. I hope that my struggles and successes will help someone else eventually, but at the moment, I’m not sure many people are reading, so I’m selfishly writing for myself.

And for my nominations:
I’m sure some of you have been nominated before, so sorry about that… don’t feel obligated to participate.  I obviously need to expand my blogging network.
1. Jessica at Settle Your Finances
2. Downstairs And In Debt
3. Kayla at Shoeaholic No More
4. C at The Single Dollar
5. Alicia at Financial Distraction

And my questions for my nominees are:
1. What has been your favourite blog post that you have written so far?
2. What has been your most popular blog post that you have written so far?
3. Cats or Dogs?
4. What is the nicest thing anyone has done for you recently?
5. What is something you have done recently that makes you proud?
6. What is the best food you have eaten this week?

Because I have run out of creativity for today, I’ll end there.

Thanks again to Gin Is My Comfort Food for the nomination.


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