The Renovations Have Started!

So, after my last post about my clothing, I had a plan to put together a series while I worked through the process of sorting and making a shopping list and all that stuff… But, then we got the call that our contractor finally had all the permits and was finished their last job, and was ready to start the renovations on our place…

We were given 2 days to pack up everything in our kitchen and dining room… Which, as it turns out, are actually quite full of stuff, despite my best decluttering intentions.  Of course, these 2 days were normal work days with other commitments too, so every spare moment, that would normally go toward blogging or fitness or anything else, was spent packing stuff from upstairs down in to the basement.  (I should really take a picture of the chaos that is the basement to share…)

And then, just to add to the craziness, we got this news just days before we were heading out on a 4 night camping trip… Where do you think all the camping stuff is stored?  In the basement of course…

All this is to say that my clothing project has been put to the side for the time being, and I will have to revisit it once things calm down a little bit.  So for now, I’ll share some photos of our renovations so far…

They have taped off our living room from the kitchen and dining area where the renovations are starting.
There used to be a wall here… 
And there used to be a wall here too…
They have temporarily left us our sink and microwave… 

Of course, by the time I get home tonight, things will already have changed, I’m sure…

I hope to keep taking photos each day to try and document the process as best I can, but me and my little iPhone aren’t the most skilled.  Hopefully I come out with some that are better than these last ones…


11 thoughts on “The Renovations Have Started!

    • To be completely honest, we didn’t quite make it… And I had to empty out the last few cupboards and random pieces on day 3… After the renovations had started…

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    • Yeah, I spent a few days going up and down the stairs in our house a lot while moving everything out of the kitchen… Got my exercise in! 🙂
      And camping was great! I can’t wait to plan another camping trip!


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