All-Round Better Me

Transitioning to a New Bullet Journal (Part 2)


Remember that time that I said I would get back in to regular posting?  Yeah, apparently that was a lie… Since it still hasn’t happened… Anyway, I promised that I would post the rest of my bullet journal transition, so I guess I should get this posted since I’ve already done the second month of my new bullet journal…

Where did I  leave off?  I had just shown you the first couple items in my new bujo… the table of contents, the blank page for another mandala (still blank by the way), and the new birthdays layout.

Future Log

Next up is the future log…  I changed up my future log a bit.  I found inspiration from a post that someone did on their blog… But do you think that I can find the original source now?  Nope.  Of course not.  Anyway, the reason that I wanted to change it up a bit was because when I got really busy, the number of things in my future log for the next month could get a little crazy, and so I wanted to have a way to contain the scribbles and know which scribble went with each month.  Remind me and I’ll post a photo of one of my filled out future log months in a future post so you can see what I’m talking about.  Anyway, I am very happy with the result.

Financials Goals

Then I copied over my financial goals from my old bullet journal so that I had them handy for reference.  I didn’t really change them up much from my original spread (which I don’t know that I ever showed you guys), I just updated the title.

Misc. Goals

And my miscellaneous (or personal) goals… This was once again just a copy from the old bullet journal with a new title style.  (Real exciting this is, eh?)

My Morning Routine

The post that I did about my morning routine back in January is still the most popular post in terms of view (mostly from Pinterest), which is pretty interesting.  I found it very useful to refer to when I was focusing on that routine in January, so I copied it over to my new bullet journal…  now (as a sidenote to myself mostly) I just really need to refer to more and get back in to that habit…

Books I Am Reading

And finally, I copied some of my “books I am reading” statuses.  I haven’t copied all the incomplete books over from my old book yet, mostly because I figure that some of them I might not get to for a long, long time (priorities change, as does the availability at the public library…) so I’ll move books over as I pick them up to actually read them again… And in case you are wondering, it’s not that I’m really a slow reader (though maybe I am a bit out of practice), I just have a hard time prioritizing reading… (hence it is one of my personal goals).

And so, there you have it, the conclusion of my bullet journal transition… finally…

I’m not 100% sure that it is totally complete, because there are many other collections that exist in my old notebook that I may want to eventually move over, but until I need to reference them consistently, they will stay there.