Transitioning to a New Bullet Journal (Part 1)

Despite my best efforts, and using my bullet journal, I still haven’t quite caught up on life since being back from our holiday and then being away for work.  But… One of the things I was working on is to transition to a new bullet journal for the month of April.  I started the process in March (and also started writing this post then), but just like most things in my life lately, I sort of only half completed the job… I did, however, take some photos of the process, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Lucky for me, Kara over at Boho Berry just recently did a post about her transition to a new bullet journal, so I had something to reference, this being my first real transition.  (Yes, I did transition from my original notebook to my first Leuchtturm1917 in May of last year, but it wasn’t quite the same…)

The first step I did was to go through my current bullet journal and review what I used regularly, and what I would want to use in the next 6-8 months that I will probably use this new journal…

Oh, wait… That’s not actually the first thing I did… The real first thing I did was unwrap my new Leuchtturm1917… A bright orange one!


And decide on a sticker to put on the cover.  (Remember that time I got rid of a shoebox full of stickers?  Well, I kept one just for this purpose…)


Then, I went through my current bullet journal and made a spread to take some notes on what I wanted to transition over, and what I wanted to update or change, and what I didn’t think I even needed to bring over.


So, now that I knew what I want to move over, I had to start actually putting pen to paper in my new notebook.  And the act of writing the first thing in a new book is always the hardest part for me… So, I did a little planning using the table of contents first…


I really liked how my first page mandala turned out in my first book, so I have saved the first page of my new book to do a repeat of that.


My birthday calendar was super useful in my last bullet journal, but I ran out of space on some months, so I’ve switched it up from the 2 page spread with 6 months on each page, to a 3 page spread with 4 months on each page.  This should hopefully give me some space to add some new birthdays in as I discover them.


To Be Continued…  (I will go over the rest of my transition in another post since this one is getting a little long and heavy with photos.)


9 thoughts on “Transitioning to a New Bullet Journal (Part 1)

    • I was tempted to do planning on separate paper, but I’m pretty happy with most parts of my journal that I’ve been using, so I didn’t really change up much. I should probably do some things in pencil first… it would prevent a bunch of errors, but oh well!

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