My New Bullet Journal

I hinted a couple posts ago that I might be starting a new bullet journal sometime in the near future, but it turns out that my old notebook was pretty much out of pages.  Setting up my monthly layouts for May just would not fit in the remaining pages… So, I used a few of those pages to plan out my new bullet journal and started fresh with my brand new Leuchtturm1917 for the month of May.

I promised that I would share my new bullet journal when I got going on it, so here it is… My new bullet journal!


The first thing I did was start a pen test page in the back so that I could check on how things write in the new book.  I was disappointed to find out that even in this new book some of my pens still ghost and soak through.  I also did go and buy myself a couple new pens… (even though I said I would wait until I win the biggest loser competition with my husband before doing that…)


When I started bullet journaling back in January, the first spread I made was a future log, but found a lot of what filled that up was birthdays, so I decided to separate my birthdays from my future log.  I haven’t completely filled in the birthdays yet, but I’m working on it.


I also decided that I wanted to have a colour theme for each month… so I used the birthday spread and the future log to define those colours.  We will see if I keep that up…


I was only going to do a 6 month future log at this time, because I don’t really feel the need to plan well in to 2017 yet, but decided that if this book might last me until 2017, and so it’s probably best to keep the future log all in one place as much as possible… at least for now… So I made the extra 6 months…


Once that was all set up, I thought it best to transfer over my goals for 2016 so that I can easily reference them without having to dig up my old book.  I haven’t however actually done this yet… The plan is to list them all and leave some room to reference future individual goal spreads that I may (or may not, depending on my motivation levels) put together to dig deeper in to each of the goals.


And finally, we get down to the “meat and potatoes” of my bullet journal, my monthly and weekly spreads.  I put together a monthly layout just like the ones I did before, and put all my activities for the month where they belong.

And I’ve set up another habit tracker for the month of May to try and get myself back on track for my various personal goals.  I can go in to detail on those habits and goals in another post.


I have gone back and forth between having dailies or weekly layouts, but decided on keeping with the weekly spread because I like to plan out my week ahead of time on Sunday evening.  I did have to rearrange things a bit to get everything to fit on the new smaller pages of the Leuchtturm1917, so I’m not totally sure I’ll keep this how it is now, but here is this week’s spread.


So there you have it, my new bullet journal in my fancy new notebook.

Do you bullet journal?  And do you get as excited as me when starting a fresh new notebook?


7 thoughts on “My New Bullet Journal

    • Thanks!
      The original bullet journal system is very basic ( And I have a notebook at work that is similar to a bullet journal for my work tasks and notes, and that has no decoration and is just a bunch of messy scribbles… But for my personal bullet journal, I wanted to have fun with colours and doodles, and to have a creative outlet, so I’m trying… we will see how long it takes before I revert back to my messy ways. 🙂


  1. Awesome! I don’t bullet journal (or journal)… But I am working on getting used to use a weekly journal (it does not come natural to me)… So I’m trying out some stuff… There might even be a post about it somewhere along the line, depending on how it goes 😉 love your spread, nice and colourful and you’ve got it nicely set up… I’m impressed 😀

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