Work Road Trip & Catching Up

work road trip

I am away for work this week, so I had grand ambitions of getting a bunch of posts written and scheduled on the weekend so that I could still post interesting things on here while I was away (like C at the Single Dollar seems to be able to do)… that would have required me to actually accomplish something on the weekend… which didn’t really happen… well… it sort of did… I’ll go in to that later…

Anyway, instead, I am posting a rambling post about nothing…

Work Road Trip

My work rented me a truck for the week, since my little hatchback probably wouldn’t like the roads I’m driving on, and all of the company trucks were already being used this week.  I was told I would get some sort of SUV or mid-sized pick-up, but no, when I got to the rental place, I was given a Ford F350.  It’s HUGE!!!  I’m calling it the Beast.  I feel like Mr Money Mustache would totally be making fun of me if he saw me driving it…

The Beast

My trip has taken me to a tiny town in the middle of the mountains.  The welcome sign boasts a population of 42 people.  I spent quite a bit of time up here last year, but it has been a while, so it will be fun to catch up with some of the people I met last time.

As I’ve mentioned when discussing my fitness goals, my challenge this week will be keeping up with my exercise while I am away.  I’m not sure that going for a run alone in the middle of the wilderness where there is no cell coverage is such a good idea… so I’ll have to get creative… There is apparently a small gym in a community club not too far away, so I might check that out… Wish me luck!

Catching Up

Since I am not home and cannot get ahead on tasks around home, I’m going to try and catch up on my blog reading.  I can’t seem to keep up with all you creative and productive writers.

I’m also hoping to get some writing done on posts that don’t require me to be at home or have access to my photos that are on my laptop at home, which I of course didn’t think to bring with me on this trip… the only photos that I have access to right now are new ones that I take, so maybe I’ll try and take some more of the scenery up here.  I really wanted to take a shot of the drive in, but the weather was not cooperating, and the photos never seem to do it justice.

As I sort of hinted at earlier, I attempted to get some stuff done on the weekend… I started to do my next decluttering task, the bathroom, which was based off the packing party that Anne Lene at Minimalist Sometimes is doing… but I didn’t follow her rules completely, as I didn’t actually pack everything up for a few days… and then I didn’t actually go through all the cupboards because I ran out of time… But progress was made, I got rid of a bunch of stuff… And when I am back home I’ll finish it up and then post about it.

Gin is my Comfort Food and I sort of agreed on a kind of accountability for the month of May to concentrate on one goal that we want to make progress on.  I chose my productivity at work goal, and she has chosen going to the gym.  I’m going to try and get a definite plan put together so I can actually make progress.  Hmm… maybe I can post about that this week…

In other news, I was nominated for another Liebster Award, this time from Barb and John at Decluttering the Stuff.  I plan to answer their questions and get that post up tomorrow or Thursday.

Okay, I think that’s enough rambling for one night… Off to bed with me.


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