Road Trip Budget


One of my financial goals for 2018 is to save for our planned California road trip in the fall.  When I posted the goal, I set myself a deadline of March to have a detailed estimate budget sorted out.  And, since March starts this week, I figured I should get this sorted out.

So… What’s the plan?  Well, we don’t really have a plan yet… But, the last time we did a road trip down to California, it was a bit of a rush because we tried to get it done in 7 days… there and back!  For this trip, we will be traveling with a 6 month old baby, and will traveling further in to California, and staying there for a few days for the wedding… So I decided to plan for a 14 day trip this time. Continue reading


Work Road Trip & Catching Up

work road trip

I am away for work this week, so I had grand ambitions of getting a bunch of posts written and scheduled on the weekend so that I could still post interesting things on here while I was away (like C at the Single Dollar seems to be able to do)… that would have required me to actually accomplish something on the weekend… which didn’t really happen… well… it sort of did… I’ll go in to that later…

Anyway, instead, I am posting a rambling post about nothing…

Work Road Trip

My work rented me a truck for the week, since my little hatchback probably wouldn’t like the roads I’m driving on, and all of the company trucks were already being used this week.  I was told I would get some sort of SUV or mid-sized pick-up, but no, when I got to the rental place, I was given a Ford F350.  It’s HUGE!!!  I’m calling it the Beast.  I feel like Mr Money Mustache would totally be making fun of me if he saw me driving it…

The Beast

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