Mins Game Days 6-12

I’m continuing on with the mins game… still working on getting things out of the house… Today I’ll quickly go over the things that I’ve gotten rid of over the last week…

Day 6

Found a box of random kitchen stuff that we don’t use in the garage. 2 cutting boards, 2 plates, and 2 cups.

Day 7

More random kitchen stuff that we don’t use. 4 bowls, a knife, a can opener, and a cup.

Day 8

For day 8, I may have cheated… I found a box of cables and a old router. I didn’t really count all of them… but the big thing was the pack’n’play. With all sorts of accessories that are not shown in the picture. I listed that for sale, so it didn’t leave the house immediately, but it’s a big one when it does go! (Update – it sold quickly on VarageSale)

Day 9

Random things that are probably left over from either a work trip or a camping trip… 2 lids without bottoms, 2 bags of spices that are I don’t know how old (and open in the dusty/spider habitat of the garage), a bottle of olive oil, old salt and pepper shakers, and a bag of plastic cutlery. (I counted this as 2 items to make the count of 9 for today – maybe cheating? Although I could have gone the other way and counted each individual piece of cutlery… So I’ll let that slide…)

Day 10

More random kitchen stuff found in the garage that we haven’t used in the last couple years at least… 2 steak knives, 2 forks, 1 butter knife, 1 carving set (calling this 4 items), and one big stroller. (The stroller is listed for sale… hopefully I can find a good new home for it quickly…)

Day 11

For Day 11, I got rid of a duplicate thermos that I had, along with a mat from a framed certificate that I also got rid of… And then I started digging in to a box of random things that I found in the basement… I count 10 more items… so I guess that is actually 12, not 11. Bonus!

Day 12

Day 12 continued in the box of random things… getting down to the smaller pieces… I feel like the smaller pieces are sort of cheating if I’m counting them individually… there are definitely more than 12 items here… I maybe count around 20 if I group some of the smaller like items together… I’ll go with that… another bonus day!

How am I feeling so far?

After 12 days of this, so almost half way, I figured I would quickly reflect on how I am feeling about this so far… And mostly it is good. I do enjoy seeing boxes empty. Seeing things leave the house. Enjoying the clean areas in the garage and basement where we are focusing at the moment.

But it’s not all good… I struggle to let go of things that have sentimental value, and I will admit that there is some guilt about some of the things leaving the house. Some of the items are gifts, or were perhaps family “heirlooms” that were handed down to me (not totally sure if they were “heirlooms” or just items that were once important to my grandparents or their parents or someone else…

To help relieve my guilt, I have asked some of my extended family members if they’d be interested in the items, and for the most part they have declined. We all have more than enough stuff in all of our houses and seem to thankfully be somewhat of the same mindset that we don’t need more stuff, and that less stuff is actually better. It is better to let go of the stuff and donate it so that it can find a new home, and in the process hopefully provide some funding to organizations that are supporting many worthy causes in our community.

So, if you are reading this post and see something that you gifted to me at some point, please don’t take offense to my getting rid of it. I thank you for the gift, it really is the thought that counts, and I am now releasing it to be useful to someone else.

Have you decluttered any stuff from your house recently?


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