2016 Goal #2: Master Good Habits

On Tuesday I discussed goal #1 for 2016, which is to get organized with my bullet journal… it’s a work in progress… but that’s sort of the concept of the bullet journal… work at it until you find what works best for you… so I’ll have to post an update in a while once I’ve had more time to work through the kinks.

I had so many ideas for goals or things I want to accomplish, it was sort of overwhelming when I was brainstorming… but it is silly to try and get everything done at once, so I needed to pare down.  So, for goal #2 for 2016, I decided that I would start with a few specific habits to work on in January, and then each month I will add more based on the successes of the previous month.  Mastering these habits will help me have a good basis for completing other goals.

I’ve already shown you my habit tracker from my bullet journal on Tuesday, but I didn’t go in to any details about what habits were actually being tracked… so I’ll do that now.

Here is my January habit tracker in my bullet journal that I posted on Tuesday:

January Habit Tracker

And here is an updated close-up from yesterday:

January Habit Tracker Close-Up

I have selected 7 habits for January that are mostly attached to bigger goals, but are smaller tasks that I can work on…

1. Morning Routine (5:30am)

Last summer, I put together a morning routine or schedule in an attempt to get myself organized.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any way to record how often I was doing it, and zero accountability, and I totally let it fall to the side.  So, with the help of my bullet journal, I’m going to try get up at 5:30am every morning and do the morning routine every morning.  Well, not Saturday and Sunday… those are my sleep in days.  So far, I haven’t done a full morning routine, but I did partial routines some mornings… Or I did get up at 5:30am, but I didn’t do a part of the routine… I have indicated that with a half filled box.

2. Exercise / Fitness

I have lots of things I would like to do in terms of fitness and health… some similar to last year… but the first step is to get in the habit of exercising 4-5 days a week.  I was thinking that I might put in the type of exercise on my habit tracker (you can see the Y for yoga and the R for a run), but I have decided that it doesn’t work… the habit tracker is just for saying if I did it or not… I’ve been using the mapmyrun app on my phone to record my runs, but now I’m just putting in all my exercise in there so I can see the whole story in one place…


3. @ Work Before 9am

This is sort of part of my morning routine… and also similar to what I tried doing last year to help increase my productivity at work… but with the help of my bullet journal, I want to get to work before 9am every day.  This week was almost perfect for this, except that Monday and Tuesday I actually had morning appointments, so I missed some work for those.  To show that I don’t consider that a failure, but not really a pass, I half filled in the boxes for Monday and Tuesday.

4. Blog Post

I am really trying to get in to a Tuesday/Thursday blog posting schedule.  So I set up this “habit” to track when I post here on the blog.  I obviously missed the Thursday post this week… so here it is on Friday… So I’ll mark this down in my bullet journal and attempt to do better.

5. Reading

I really like reading… but I have gotten away from it in recent years.  If I have spare time, I’ll often pick up my phone or my iPad and check Instagram or Facebook, or play a game.  Over the holidays, I did some reading.  I tried reading two difference books (borrowed from the library) but ran out of time and had to return them before I finished (one was the Marie Kondo book that inspired my recent clothing declutter)…  But I loved the reading that I did do, so one of my goals for the year is to read 12 books.  And actually finish them.  I’m not worried about any topic choices, I just want to get back in to it…  And to make this goal happen, I want to make an effort to read a little bit every day.  Any day that I read, I’ll mark it down on the habit tracker.  Since coloured boxes are so much prettier than angry X’s, I’m hoping that this will get my reading kick started.

6. Budget Review

In my December budget review, I mentioned that I’m going to be doing my budget reporting on the blog slightly differently, but that doesn’t mean that I’m abandoning my regular budgeting.  I like to check my budget status at least once a week (in my Sunday plan), but we could probably benefit from doing it more often…  So, I’ve decided to keep track of how often we review our budget and then I’ll be able to correlate that to how well we do at sticking to it… Should be interesting anyway.

7. Evening Routine (10:30pm)

The last habit in my January habit tracker is my evening routine… If I’m going to be getting up at 5:30am and following my morning routine, then I need to help myself out by getting to bed at a reasonable time and making sure that I don’t make things harder on myself by leaving things for the morning when I can get them done the night before.  Just like my morning routine, I put together an evening to-do list in the summer, but didn’t really follow it.  I’m going to get in to the habit of doing this starting this month.  Oh, and also try to get it all done and get to bed by 10:30pm every night.  (You can see I haven’t been very successful thus-far, but working on it…)

So there you have it.  My 7 habits that I’m working on and tracking in January.  In February I will review these habits and hopefully add another on… Until then, wish me luck and lots of motivation!

Do you have habits you are working on for 2016?  Are you using a habit tracker to help keep yourself accountable?


4 thoughts on “2016 Goal #2: Master Good Habits

  1. First off, I really enjoyed all the BuJo resources you posted previously. I’d never heard of this type of journaling before, and the examples were all just beautiful and inspiring. That being said, I developed a habits log for myself like 2 months, but I’ve never used it! It was inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project” (a good book to read, if you haven’t already), and I probably spent like an hour creating new monthly habits for entire year. All I needed to do was print it out and post it next to my nightstand. But I never did! So instead, I’m just handwriting a log into an old journal I keep next to my bed. This month I’m keeping it very simple – good sleeping habits, drink more water, take my vitamins, keep my home clean, dress nice everyday, and take moments to be thankful. Hopefully, I’ll stick to it now that’s ready to just be filled in!

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    • I am so inspired by all the beautiful journals that are out there, and I am so happy that I’ve started on it. I’m still not very good at it, and I really need to work on my handwriting… but it’s been a fun creative outlet so far.

      I started reading that book over the holidays, but had to return it to the library before I finished… It is still very popular and had holds on it, so I couldn’t renew it. I’ve put myself back on the list for it, so hopefully I’ll get it again and be able to finish it this time… I like the idea of having the whole year laid out, but I fear that my situation or focus will change throughout the year, so I’m keeping it open to change each month.


  2. I am impressed that you can accomplish all of that on seven hours of sleep or less! 🙂 I used to sleep too little and push myself too hard, but I definitely try HARD now to get at least eight hours, and for me, that makes all the difference in the world in my energy, mood and productivity. But I’m deeply jealous of people who thrive on less! Good luck checking off lots of boxes this year!

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    • I wouldn’t say that I thrive on less… and I do catch-up on the weekends… I LOVE sleeping in… but I think over my years of high school and university, I trained my body to deal with 5 to 6 hours of sleep a night… It’s not happy about it, but it can deal, I suppose. I would probably be more productive and successful if I slept more… and to be honest, I have struggled a LOT with the 5:30am wake-up… On a good day, it’s more like 5:50am… but on days where I’m not meeting my running buddy… I’ve been known to hit the snooze button and then panic at 7am to rush around and get ready… but I’ve already noticed improvements on my habit tracker!

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