Kitchen Reno Update

Back in June, when I announced that our renovations had started, I promised to do regular updates… Obviously that hasn’t happened, but I have been taking the occasional photo to document the progress, so I will share some of that progress now.


We are almost at a full 3 months of renovations.  I think they started the first demo day on June 21st (or at least that’s the first day that I have photos of demolition).  I think we are close with the kitchen stuff now.  The floors are in, but still need to be sanded and refinished.  The drywall is mostly done… Or at least done on one side to allow the cabinets to get installed.  And so, the cabinets are being installed.  Yesterday they arrived with all the cabinets, so I’m excited to see how far they get today.


We went and picked out a bunch of the finishes on the weekend, like counter-tops, tiles and paint colours.  It was pretty fun doing that part.  Hopefully we didn’t pick things that were awful and we will regret… But I guess we will just see how it all turns out.


I know that the pictures don’t really do it justice, but the place has totally opened up with 2 walls being taken down, and a small part of the exterior wall pushed out to match the rest of it.  I am very happy with how it is looking so far.

They also started on the next part of the renovations this week.  Tearing out the bathroom, the office and my stepdaughter’s bedroom.  Right now it’s just a mess, but they found a hilarious time capsule type thing in the bathroom.


I’ll try to get updates published a little more frequently for those that are interested…




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