Exam Study Plan

For one of my professional goals for 2015, I said that I would finally take the exam that will move me forward in my career…

To do this, I said I would put together a study schedule so that I would have a plan that I could follow to get everything done on time. I said I would do that in January, and here it is almost the end of February and I am just now putting together the plan.

Better late than never, right?  So here’s the list of what I have to do with my self-imposed “Due Dates”:

  • register for exam – Done!
  • register for 2 day seminar – Done!
  • complete required documentation – Due date = Feb 28th (work on it on Friday night if I don’t get it done before then)
  • get required references sorted out – Due date = March 2nd
  • attend 2 day seminar (March 5&6)
  • study / read 2 text books & 5 online references:
    • week 1 – Mar 2-8: read 2-3 online references.  make notes.
    • week 2 – Mar 9-15: read first half first text book.  make notes.
    • week 3 – Mar 16-22: read other half first text book.  make notes.
    • week 4 – Mar 23-29: read 2-3 online references.  make notes.
    • week 5 – Mar 30-Apr 5: read first half second text book.  make notes.
    • week 6 – Apr 6-12:  read other half second text book.  make notes.
    • week 7 – Apr 13-19: review all notes & do practice questions.  CRAM!!!
  • write exam (April 20th)

I haven’t studied for anything in almost 10 years… Any one have any good study tips?

I guess I better get my desk cleaned up so I have a place to study…


6 thoughts on “Exam Study Plan

  1. This motivated! I have a career exam to take too, hopefully I’d be ready by spring. I haven’t studied for years either! Idk if my brain can still handle it haha


    • Yeah, I haven’t started the studying yet, but just thinking about it freaks me out. I really don’t want to fail and have to re-take it. Especially because a coworker is doing it at the same time as me…


  2. Hey – I think you are off to a great start with organizing every step of the process. This should help keep you on track to meet your goals! As for studying, I like to write things out, first on flash cards, then organize facts in sort of a story-board format, and then for each keyword write down what I can remember about it. I have also found that if I can tell others what I know it helps me retain the information, but also reinforces my understanding of it 🙂 Either way, I believe repetition is key!


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