Decluttering Week #4 – Shoes

I’m still trying to catch up on my decluttering tasks

I don’t have a huge collection of shoes… Or so I thought… But I dug around the house, and managed to find 24 pairs of shoes.  I’m not fashionable, so I don’t go out and buy the latest trendy shoes, but I have apparently accumulated a fair amount of casual or special purpose shoes over the years.

Here are all my shoes that I could find:
Shoe Declutter Before

That’s a total of 24 pairs of shoes (do rollerblades count as shoes?).  I thought I’d be able to get rid of a bunch, but a lot of my shoes are special purpose shoes…

And I was only able to get rid of 5 pairs:

Shoe Declutter CullI don’t need two pairs of work boots, or two pairs of snowboard boots, or two pairs of the same shoe…

So, I don’t know if it was a really big change, but I organized the shoes and realized that I need to clean some of my shoes… And now I have 19 pairs of shoes that are sorted and no longer spread around the whole house.

Shoe Declutter After

So, once again I have failed at getting a really good before and after shot.

Has anyone done a declutter on their shoes?  How do you decide which to keep and which to get rid of?

11 thoughts on “Decluttering Week #4 – Shoes

  1. I recently moved back to Oregon from New Mexico and I donated most of my shoes to a women’s shelter. I had to get rid of my heels, because I can’t do it anymore with the amount of back pain I have.. so that was an easy (but still sad) decision for me. I love my sneakers though, so I kept the two pairs that were in the best shape. I also kept the two pairs of my summer sandals that were in the best shape (they are Merrells) and then a pair of flip flops for the beach, and my black ballerina flats. Honestly, I could live in sneakers.. but love sandals in the summer.


    • That is great that you could donate your shoes to a worthy cause. I don’t really wear heals (I only have 2 pairs), so it is totally flats or sneakers for me too. Sounds like you have managed to decrease your shoes to only the basics. Well done!


      • Thanks! I understand having specialty shoes though, I think in that case you have to downsize differently. I am sure I will accumulate more (flat) dress shoes with time. It was nice to be able to give to that shelter. I donated about 3/4 of my closet too (I am trying to live more minimally) and it made me happy to think about those women having some fancier articles of clothing to wear.

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  2. I have to count my rollerblades? Dang it, then I’m over 20… again… ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m definately not one to buy shoes all the time, but between, running, walking, flip flops, work, dress, high heel, low heel, rain boots, winter boots, garden boots++ it still racks up! I have to admit, I’m kinda “glad” I’m not the only one with shoe issues ๐Ÿ˜‰

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