I’m Back… Almost…


Well, we have arrived home from our European honeymoon adventure and are attempting to adjust to the time and our normal lives…

I have a lot of things to catch up on here on the blog, but since I’m still getting back in to the swing of things here at home, I don’t think I will attempt to get back in to a regular posting schedule this week.   But you never know, hopefully I get organized this weekend and can get back in the swing of things next week.  Fingers crossed.

First, I need to get my bullet journal back up and running.  I have some exciting news… My favourite souvenir from our trip is a new notebook, and not just any notebook… A Leuchturm1917!  (Is it bad that a notebook is the best souvenir of my honeymoon?  Besides the memories of course!)  Okay, and if I am completely honest, I actually bought two of them!  I was in Germany and figured since that is where they are from, I might as well buy one… And then thought I might as well buy two… Right?  But I still have some pages left in my old notebook, so I will continue using that one for a little while yet.  Don’t worry, as soon as I start on the new one, I will share the details with you.

My New Notebooks

Second, I need to get back in to my fitness and running routine. I feel like I have gained at least 10lbs over the last three weeks. All the delicious European food and drink! Mmmm…. Dutch cheese, Belgian chocolate, French wine and German sausages…. My jeans are definitely feeling tight. We did do quite a bit of walking and biking on our trip, but not enough to counteract the copious amounts of goodies.  I don’t know about you, but I find it extremely difficult to eat healthy when on vacation… My mind always gives me the “well, you are on vacation” excuse… Oh, and I signed up for a 10k race that takes place in just over a week… Last minute training anyone?!? I will definitely not be expecting to do well in that race… I signed up before our trip, but I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself…

Delicious Drinks on the Haarlem Main Square, Netherlands

Third, I need to get caught up on my finances… I missed one update here on the blog while we were away, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to accurately determine the values for April 1st to make my pretty graphs complete, but I will try… I also definitely want to review how far over budget we went on our honeymoon.  I have no doubt we went over budget, but I’m also not worried because we have some other travel savings that we can repurpose.  It just means that we will have to save harder for our future travel plans.  We didn’t exactly do the whole budget traveling thing… We didn’t want to overspend, but we also didn’t want to have to “just make do” while celebrating our marriage. (Or that’s the excuse I’m telling myself…)

L’Arc de Triomphe, Paris


And finally, I need to get some work done on the garden if I want to have any vegetables this year… I am already late for planting some things, so I may have to adjust my plans, but we will just have to see how I do in catching up… We had some big ideas of changing up the backyard a bit, so if we don’t get that done pretty quick here, I may miss the chance to plant some of the things I want… If the weather is nice this weekend, I hope to be out in the yard most of the time… We will see if I am as productive as I hope…

The Gardens in Front of the Louvre, Paris

This post is already longer than I had planned, so I best get back to unpacking, doing laundry and getting my life organized again.  Thanks for reading and I will return to my normal posting schedule very soon.

See you then!


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