April 2016 Financial Update

YNAB four_rules
It’s official!  I’ve been using YNAB for a year!  This is exciting for me because I now have enough stored data to be able to compare annually!  (Yes, total NERD ALERT!!!)  Anyway, going forward, I’ll be able to say “last year we spent blah blah blah in this category in this month, so this year we have improved and saved blah blah blah…”  Yup, exciting stuff!

With that being said… I am currently away on my honeymoon, and I didn’t bring my laptop with me, so I don’t actually have access to my YNAB reports to make pretty graphs and such for this post… So, no real update… I promise to do an update when we are back home. But maybe a couple photos from my trip instead?

Delft, Netherlands




First World War Cemetary


In Bruges, Belgium


I am sorry if this post is formatted strangely, I am posting from my phone… 


10 thoughts on “April 2016 Financial Update

    • You should totally go to the Netherlands! It’s such a great country. And the people are super friendly and always helpful! If you are going to spin class, you’ll really enjoy all the biking that you can do in the Netherlands, but there are no hills, so it’ll be easier than spin class. 🙂


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