Sorry that I’ve been MIA all week, I managed to catch a nasty bug that basically knocked me in to bed for the whole week.  My couch may have an indent where I spend most of my days…

Yesterday was the first day that I started to feel human again, so I finally tackled the dishes that had been piling up all week, and today I think I’ll be able to catch up on my blog reading and writing (along with all my other normal chores).  Thankfully, here in BC, we have a Family Day holiday tomorrow, so I have a bit of extra time to catch up on things before I go back to work.

I promise to get some updates posted this week, and hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on everyone else’s blogs today too.


2 thoughts on “Sorry…

  1. I hear you on having an indent in my couch as well. I’m pretty useless still and I am going on a month on barely functioning. Hope you keep recovering – the viruses out there are pretty darn brutal this year.


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