Decluttering by Spending Out

Spending Out

Back in March, Jessica at Settle Your Finances did a post on Spending Out.  I read the post back then and immediately related to the concept of saving things for a “special occasion”…

Jessica’s post talks about her tendency to save things for special occasions, but then sometimes not even getting to use them.  Her example was saving special pens, but then finding them all dried up when she went to use them.  She came across the concept of “spending out” while reading “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin.  (I have not read the book, but have put it on the list to read in the future.)  Basically, the idea is to enjoy the nice things that you have right now, rather than saving something for some “special occasion” and basically saying that right now isn’t anything special.

In my effort to live a more mindful life, this concept really hit home.  I want to enjoy the “now.”  Right now is very special.  Add in my efforts to declutter and organize all of the “stuff” in my house, and this concept just gets more relevant to my goals… Why am I holding on to all these “special” things for later?  It adds clutter to my life and, not only am I not enjoying these things now, the clutter takes away from my enjoyment of now.

After reading Jessica’s post, I wanted to start keeping track of the things that I was “spending out”…  I really hate waste, and when I’m decluttering, I can donate a bunch of things if they are not used, or still in a package, but so many things are partially used or not really donate-able… I am not going to throw all of that out (I admit I have tossed quite a bit in to the trash, but I hate doing it), so I’m trying to just use those things.  The idea would be that I’d keep track of everything and make an awesome blog post with this list…

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