Mission: Get Fit – update…

Technically, today is day 12 of my fitness challenge… But since I’ve missed 3 days, I’ve only actually done 9 days of exercise. I’m not beating myself up about it, but what I have been doing is if I miss a day, then the next day I don’t get any rest days, so I replace any rests with the activity that I missed from the day before, and I just have to keep going on the others… So today was supposed to be a rest day for squats, but missing yesterday’s 40, meant that this morning was 40… And I may have given myself two days with 18 tricep dips, but since I missed yesterday, and today’s count was 20, I had to do 20 this morning…

My results so far…

I’ve roped my running buddy in to doing the exercises with me on the mornings we run… She’s a good sport! This morning we did a 6k run, then did the fitness challenge by the beach. Beautiful morning for it.

Beach workout

Happy Monday Everyone!


Productive Weekend

I am feeling a little bit better about things today… maybe I’m slowly getting out of my funk that I mentioned last week… I feel like my weekend was productive, and while not totally successful, it’s a step in the right direction.

Friday night, when I got home from my work trip, I had a bunch of girl friends over and we had a crafting party to get our wedding invites made.  We didn’t quite get them all completed, but with a bit more work on Saturday night, we were successful.  Now I just need to get them all addressed, and then I’ll put half in the mail, and the other half in my fiance’s backpack for bike delivery this week.

Saturday, I spent most of the day watching my fiance’s daughter play softball.  It was fun just to sit on my blanket on the grass and do nothing… quite relaxing.  Then, as I mentioned, we worked on the wedding invites and got them finished up.


Sunday morning I ran my half marathon.  I knew based on my training the past few weeks (or really lack of training), I was not going to make my 2 hour goal.  However, at the beginning of the race I gave myself two goals:

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Race Day Results

My running buddy and I ran our 10k race this morning. The weather was pretty good; chilly, cloudy but not raining. We ran at a really good clip for the first few kilometers, but lost a bit of steam in the later portion of the run. We didn’t quite make the under an hour goal, but we did about the same time as last year, so that’s good.

But, since we didn’t beat an hour, guess that means we’ll be signing up for another 10k race.  More training and practice runs to come, and I’ve got my half marathon in about a month as well.  My running buddy isn’t running that with me, though they have a 10k at the same event, so maybe she’ll sign up for that…

My Fitness Plan

fitness shoes

There are so many fitness plans out there, that I don’t really need to go through what I’m going to do for my 10 km and half marathon goals, you can Google it and you’ll come up with something that I used to make my own plan. However, for my own benefit, I would like to post my plan so that I can refer to it later and be accountable (the whole reason for this blog).

So, for the 10k, I’ll be running this with my running buddy, so it is sort of a shared plan, somewhat dependent on her. Fingers crossed that we can get this 60 minute target beat. Every year we do this 10k race together, sometimes I’m the one that is lagging behind and sometimes it is her. This year though, with my added goal of the half marathon, I may be motivated to push my training a little further. So far I definitely haven’t been the most motivated, so honestly, without her I would probably not be running in the mornings, so she is the reason that my fitness has improved.

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