Our Attempt at Being a One Car Family

Many families survive with one car.  In fact, there are families that get by with no car whatsoever.  My husband and I each had our own car when we met, and when we combined households, we kept both.

In March, my husband’s car started acting up.  But he wasn’t exactly using it all that much (he typically rides his bike to work).  So, we parked it in the driveway and were going to investigate what we could do to get it fixed…  (Don’t worry, my Ru-Ru is still doing fine!)

Then we got the notice that the insurance was about to expire, and it was time for renewal… this was right before we were heading out on our 3 week honeymoon, so we left it parked at the bottom of our driveway while we were away, and let the insurance expire.  The plan was that we would renew it when we got home and get it fixed then.

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