Mondays Suck!

I woke up this morning all gung-ho for a new week.  I made my meal plan for the week last night, I had a shopping list ready to go to pick up on my way home tonight, my laundry was under control… things were looking good.

I didn’t go for a run this morning because my running partner was taking a friend to the airport, which meant that I was ahead of schedule getting ready for work.  I thought I would get even further ahead by emptying the dishwasher that I had filled and put on before bed last night.  I mean, I was so on it, right?  And then I dropped a dish, tried to catch it before it hit another, failed and caught a broken piece of it instead… cutting my finger in the process… I spent the next 15 minutes attempting to stop the bleeding while trying to decide if I needed to find a medical clinic that was open… As I was doing this, my cat decided that he wasn’t feeling well and threw up on my front hall carpet… Gross!

So, I didn’t finish emptying the dishwasher, and I ended up getting to work late (well, late compared to my planned productivity schedule)… And now my finger is throbbing (there is a pretty big chunk missing, but at least it has stopped bleeding now) and I have this other cut on my palm that is irritating like a paper cut that hits my keyboard when I type (I work at a computer all day).  So much for my good Monday…

Anyone else having a rough start to the week?