My Fill-the-Bucket List

Last year I did a post about gratitude where I tried to think about all the awesome things and experiences that I’m so lucky to have in my life.  Recently (or maybe a few months back now…), Maggie at Northern Expenditure did a post about making a “fill-the-bucket” list, instead of a tradition bucket list.  Rather than concentrate on what you haven’t done and want to do, it’s a way to look back on all the awesome experiences that you’ve already had.  My gratitude post and a “fill-the-bucket” list are both similar exercises, but I thought I’d try Maggie’s list too.

Now, me personally, I’ve never made a real “bucket list”, but I know that my bucket is already pretty full, I just need to dig a few things out of the ol’ memory banks to share…  I noticed that a lot of the other posts on this topic are heavily weighted with travel based experiences… It shows that this community really values travel… And I’ve been lucky enough to do quite a bit of traveling so far in my lifetime. It’s hard to pick only a few to share… But I’ve limited my list to only 7 things… Continue reading


Happy Thanksgiving!

It is Thanksgiving Monday here in Canada. I am home for the weekend and have had a wonderful time visiting with friends and family. 

 We are up visiting my in-laws today. Hopefully we will brave the rain and go for a walk down by the river to see if we can spot spawning salmon. 
 I will be heading back to site for work tomorrow, but will hopefully be able to plan out a few more regular posts this trip. (Like a fitness update, since my 8k run was this weekend…)

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. I was attempting to do this post from my phone, so I think the formatting is totally off. When I get home to a laptop, I will try to fix it. Sorry!  

Update: I think I fixed the layout issues… Let me know if I missed something…