This Year’s Baby Showers… And…

I think it was about this time 2 years ago that I posted about a bunch of baby showers that I had planned that year… Well, guess what?  This year was the next round of babies, I guess, so I planned 3 more baby showers this year.  I figured I would share some of what I planned in case you are looking for some inspiration or just like snooping on how other people plan parties…  Plus I have something extra at the end… Can you guess?

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Hawaiian Trip Journal in my BuJo

Well, I’m back from my vacation, and it really was a holiday.  I didn’t bring a laptop, and I didn’t check email, or keep up on my blog, so it has definitely been a bit of catch-up now that I am back… The number of emails in my collection of inboxes was quite high!  I’m still working on getting back to the normal routine, so I don’t have any real content to share with you today…

Instead, I thought I’d share a couple images of my bullet journal that I used as a travel journal for my trip.  I’m pretty proud of my doodles, so I’m going to share… I “should” be back to normal by Thursday and will hopefully have something more exciting for you.  Until then, “Aloha!”

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I hope everyone is wearing sufficient green today.  I love random reasons to dress up or wear something themed, so I am definitely wearing green today.  I pulled out my green earrings too!  I’m not sure if I’ll be having green beverages tonight, since I am going to my sister’s place for dinner, but I’ll see if she has something that will make my drink more festive.

This is a repeat celebration though, as I hosted a kick-off party last weekend for my summer soccer team, and we had a “rainbows and leprechauns” theme in honour of St Patty’s day this week.  I had some fun decorating and making food for the event.

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Babies & Baby Showers

I’m at the age when a lot of my friends are having babies (or have already had babies, which are now small children…).  So for me, who has never been a big baby or kid-person, it’s a little weird.  Babies and kids just make it inappropriate for me to drink excessive amounts of wine… but one thing babies are good for is an excuse to have a party… with a fun theme!

(That last paragraph may have made me seem like a horrible person, and I don’t think I am… I really hope I am not… I am very happy for all my friends with babies and children, and maybe I’ll be someone with a baby myself someday, but until then… I relish my freedom and enjoy my alcoholic beverages.)

Anyway, as I briefly mentioned earlier this week, this fall I was given the pleasure of planning not one, but two baby showers, both for babies that were already born.  I have planned multiple pre-birth baby showers in the past, but these were my first “meet the baby” baby showers.  As such, I had to change up my plans and take out the cheesy baby guessing games…

Baby Shower #1

The first was for a friend who has moved away, and had her baby back in the late-spring/early-summer.  She was home for Canadian Thanksgiving, so we planned a party for that weekend so all her home friends and relatives could meet the baby and celebrate both her and the new addition.  Another friend hosted the event at her new house, but we split up the duties between a few of us to keep things easy.  We decided on an apple theme, since it goes with fall, and was an easy one to run with.


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Puzzle Club Update


Do you remember a while back I wrote a post about how to start a puzzle club?  I bet you thought that would be a one time thing… and you’d never hear about it again, right?  Well, you would be wrong… In fact, our puzzle club has grown!

A few weeks back we had my bridal shower.  It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, and we hung out on my parents’ patio for quite a long time.  My original puzzle club friend was in attendance, and her gift to me was a puzzle roll-up storage thing.  The perfect solution to the overly intense puzzling of our first meeting.  So, of course we had to explain why I would need such a thing, and so word of the puzzle club was spread.

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How to Start a Puzzle Club

This past weekend, my friend and I had our first ever puzzle club meeting.  That’s right, we started up our own puzzle club (yes, we are dorks and proud of it!), so I thought I’d share with you how it came to be, so that you can start your own, if that’s something that interests you…

1. Discover a Shared Love of Puzzles:

The first step is to find some members for your club.  Back in February, I went on a girls’ weekend three of my friends from university.  We try and make it an annual thing to get together, since we live in different cities and are all crazy busy with our different activities and lives.  I may have mentioned these girls’ weekends before with my February budget review and at the beginning of my “five photos, five stories” challenge.  Anyway, on this particular trip, we planned to go skiing but unfortunately the snow at the hills around us this year was really bad and so the mountain that we went to was pretty much shut down.  So, what do you do for a weekend in a ski cabin?  Do puzzles and drink wine, of course!  Our first night in the cabin we discovered a collection of puzzles, and that was it…


On the way home, one of the girls that lives in the same city and I were discussing how much fun the puzzles were and decided we needed to do more puzzling and drinking wine, and so was born the idea of our puzzle club.

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