My First Attempt at Freezer Cooking (Part 2)

Yesterday I started telling you about my first attempt at freezer cooking.  I did it about a month ago before I went away for work (I am still away for work…) in an attempt to help my husband avoid eating out while I am gone.  I went through the first two meals that I made… and today I will go through the next two and the results on how all that food turned out…

Mac & Cheese

The next meal I made is a household favourite, mac and cheese. I made mine dairy and gluten free… Which seems odd when you are talking “Mac & Cheese”, but it is delicious, I promise!  I was searching for the recipes that I used to create this… but I have been making this recipe (with small variations) for years now… and I just make it from my head… so I can’t seem to find the original recipe that inspired it…

“Mac & Cheese” Ingredients
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My First Attempt at Freezer Cooking (Part 1)

Other than my brief and busy visit home for Thanksgiving, I have basically been away for work for the past month, and am not sure when I will actually go home next… I’m hoping to be home for Halloween…  Before I went away, I wanted to prepare a bunch of food so that it is easy for my husband to eat healthy and frugally… So I decided to try my hand at some freezer cooking. I did some reading on the Internet and found a couple recipes that in wanted to try, made my shopping lists and then got to work.

(If you are reading between the lines, then you’ll realize that this post is now over a month late… I did all of this cooking before I went away… but when we are out at these job sites, we work at least 12 hour days, 7 days a week… so it is hard to find the time and energy to get posts written… On the plus side, I have some feedback on how successful I was… )

Because I was doing this in the evenings, I split up the prep up over a few evenings the week before I left, and basically made enough for meals for that week and some for the freezer… So this post was already going to be all over the place… add to that a month of forgetting… and yeah…

Freezer Cooking

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