DIY Wedding Crafts

You are probably thinking… Why is she posting about wedding crafts?  Her wedding was over a year ago… But no, it’s not crafts from my own wedding…

This post was originally supposed to be published while I was away at one of my best friends’ wedding at the beginning of the month.  I was in her wedding party, and although we don’t live in the same city anymore, I did go and visit her for the long weekend in September to help with wedding prep (plus a long overdue visit).  So I wanted to share some of the easy wedding crafts that we did that weekend. Continue reading


Babies & Baby Showers

I’m at the age when a lot of my friends are having babies (or have already had babies, which are now small children…).  So for me, who has never been a big baby or kid-person, it’s a little weird.  Babies and kids just make it inappropriate for me to drink excessive amounts of wine… but one thing babies are good for is an excuse to have a party… with a fun theme!

(That last paragraph may have made me seem like a horrible person, and I don’t think I am… I really hope I am not… I am very happy for all my friends with babies and children, and maybe I’ll be someone with a baby myself someday, but until then… I relish my freedom and enjoy my alcoholic beverages.)

Anyway, as I briefly mentioned earlier this week, this fall I was given the pleasure of planning not one, but two baby showers, both for babies that were already born.  I have planned multiple pre-birth baby showers in the past, but these were my first “meet the baby” baby showers.  As such, I had to change up my plans and take out the cheesy baby guessing games…

Baby Shower #1

The first was for a friend who has moved away, and had her baby back in the late-spring/early-summer.  She was home for Canadian Thanksgiving, so we planned a party for that weekend so all her home friends and relatives could meet the baby and celebrate both her and the new addition.  Another friend hosted the event at her new house, but we split up the duties between a few of us to keep things easy.  We decided on an apple theme, since it goes with fall, and was an easy one to run with.


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