Follow-up On My Phone Dilemma

I thought I’d just post a quick update on my phone dilemma that I discussed in a couple posts (here & here) earlier in the year.

My plan was to get rid of both my personal cell phone and my home phone (land line), and rely solely on the “free” cell phone that my work provides me.

So, have I done it?

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My Phone Dilemma – part 2

Yesterday I posted about my first 2 phones, my cell phones, and how I am trying to convince myself to get rid of one of them.  Today I’m going to go over my third phone, the land line, and why, in this world full of cell phones, I am still stuck in the past…

Phone #3: my land line
So, what about this third phone of mine? The old fashioned land-line? I have had my land-line since I moved out of my parents’ house.  But, if I have had my personal cell phone since high school (so before I left my parents’ house), then why would I even bother with a land line in the first place? This is a good question…

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My Phone Dilemma – part 1

I am well aware that what I am about to tell you is completely irrational and indicates some sort of deep-rooted emotional attachment or issues on my part, so I am a little ashamed to put it out here for all to read, but here goes…

I currently have 3 phones for myself. 2 cell phones and 1 land line. My fiance also has a cell phone. So we have 4 phones in our house. While I have been working towards saving more, and keeping to a budget, my fiance has been bugging me to get rid of the extra phones.  For some illogical reason I am resisting this quite strongly (I have always hated change, even as a kid, just ask my parents…).

So let’s go over the phones and why I am resisting, and maybe you can comment below and help me make the right decision…

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