February 2015 – Goals in Review

Another month of 2015 done, so it is once again time to review the goals I have for the year and see how I’m doing…  These reviews are a little wordy sometimes, so sorry about that… but it really helps me to see all the goals in one place and review them all… Continue reading


Exam Study Plan

For one of my professional goals for 2015, I said that I would finally take the exam that will move me forward in my career…

To do this, I said I would put together a study schedule so that I would have a plan that I could follow to get everything done on time. I said I would do that in January, and here it is almost the end of February and I am just now putting together the plan.

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January 2015 – Goals in Review

I can’t believe January is already done!  I’ve been reading quite a few post reviewing goals and resolutions, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and review my goals for 2015.  I did a week 1 results post, but haven’t really reviewed my goals since, so I’ll go through them all quickly.

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How I plan to be more productive at work

One of my professional goals for 2015 is to be more productive at work. That isn’t very specific, I know, so I thought I’d put together a plan so that I can make it more of a SMART goal, and less vague.  I’m starting work again today (though it is only a 1 day work week), so this will be day 1 of attempting this new plan.  Next week will be the real test and my schedule will get back to normal.

First up, I need to get to work on time every morning. Our office typically opens at 8am, but I’ve been lucky enough to have a flexible schedule that allows me to make my own hours (within reason). However, I think that the lax attitude that I take towards my arrival time (normally closer to 9 or 9:30) is then carried thru to my attitude to my work. My goal is to be at work by 8am every day. This will be tough for me, especially on days when I have early morning workouts, or when I have late sporting activities the night before, but I think it will start my day with the right focused mindset. I will keep track of the days where I do or don’t make it and keep tally going to measure my success.

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2015 – Professional Goals

This section of goals will probably be vague as I try and keep myself anonymous, so I’m sorry about that… I would like to think that I am pretty successful at my job. I think I do an okay job, but there is always room for improvement and I definitely need to work on my skill at procrastination. So without any further ado, my professional goals for 2015:

1. Write my Exam.
To get to the next level in my chosen career, I need to write an exam. I’ve been putting it off for probably a couple years now, as it takes some commitment to sign up, prep all my documentation and study the material. I’ve been using the excuse that I have been too busy with work to do it, but that really is just an excuse and it is time to get on it. There is an exam in January, but I feel that it would be too tight, so I’m going to do the one that is scheduled in April. I will make myself a schedule in January to get all my documentation completed and to plan out my study time as well.

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