Ru-Ru: Where “Auto”-Pilot Steered Me Wrong

When I started this blog, I was trying to get out of my rut of living in auto-pilot.  I wanted to be more aware of, not only my finances, but my life in general.  I wanted to live with intention.

I definitely feel like I have made strides in the right direction over the last year and a half, but when I was reading a recent post on the Frugalwoods blog about their recent car purchases, I was reminded of the time I bought my car… with a car loan… and then just left it on auto-pilot…


My Ru-Ru!


Ru-Ru is my first car.  I bought her a few months after I moved out of my parents’ place and in to my first condo, and I’ve had her ever since.  For the first couple months of living in my new condo, my work had a spare truck that they let me use while the normal driver went back to school for a few months to finish up.

So, of course, the moment the he got back from school, I was all of a sudden without the vehicle I had become accustomed to using… Which meant it was time to go buy one.

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