Clutter Free Challenge – Update 2

So, almost two weeks ago now I reviewed my goals that also included my decluttering goal.  My new goal is to finish up the 31 “days” of challenges before Christmas.  I posted an update a couple months back now, and I actually did more decluttering after that, I just didn’t finish writing the post about it.  Then, earlier this week, I made a deal the Anne Lene at Minimalist Sometimes that we would both get some decluttering done this week.  I promised to get something posted yesterday… So, now I’m going to cheat a bit and finally post about some of the things I did a while back… But now I’ll have to add some updated photos and results because we all know that clutter likes to return when you aren’t paying attention…

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Clutter Free Challenge – Update 1

Last week I posted about how I was going to do this 31 Day Clutter Free Challenge from Living Well, Spending Less, and I promised to do an update once I caught up… I’m am not caught up… however, I have managed to tackle a few more tasks, so I thought I’d post about them.

Day 4: Living Room

I wasn’t about to go through my entire living room… though I guess there isn’t too much in there except couches… but I decided to tackle only the shelf in the living room.  The before and after aren’t super exciting… but it’s the work that went in to it, and the lack of clutter inside that is the real exciting part… So perhaps I should explain a bit more…


From the top of the shelf, I removed a bunch of old greeting cards and invites.  I put some in to our mementos boxes to keep (for now…) and recycled some… I donated a vase (with some fake flowers in it), and moved the stuffy (probably left there by my nieces) to the chest of stuffies (to be gone through another time).  I moved some of the books down to the book shelf in the basement (see Day 5 below) and also moved some boxes of craft supplies (why were they in the living room?) to where the rest of my craft stuff is (again, a larger task for another day…), then decided to donate a couple random games that were on the shelf that we never play with.  The big task was going through all the papers that were stored in the drawers, the cupboard and the document holders…

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31 Day Clutter Free Challenge

A while back, when I was lamenting the fact that I hadn’t kept up with my decluttering tasks, I came across Living Well, Spending Less‘s 31 Day Clutter Free Challenge.  Thinking “why not?”, I signed up for the emails that started on July 1st.

Living Well Spending Less - 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life
Living Well Spending Less – 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life
You are probably thinking  something along the lines of “Are you crazy?  Or stupid?”  And I’m with you there… why would I take on something else when I have a wedding to plan, lots of goals on the go and an already crazy hectic schedule.  But here’s the thing… I am having trouble keeping up with my decluttering goals, and I think it is because I want them to be so big, so successful and have awesome before and after photos, that I just don’t do anything… which is totally not going to work.  So… Continue reading