My Fill-the-Bucket List

Last year I did a post about gratitude where I tried to think about all the awesome things and experiences that I’m so lucky to have in my life.  Recently (or maybe a few months back now…), Maggie at Northern Expenditure did a post about making a “fill-the-bucket” list, instead of a tradition bucket list.  Rather than concentrate on what you haven’t done and want to do, it’s a way to look back on all the awesome experiences that you’ve already had.  My gratitude post and a “fill-the-bucket” list are both similar exercises, but I thought I’d try Maggie’s list too.

Now, me personally, I’ve never made a real “bucket list”, but I know that my bucket is already pretty full, I just need to dig a few things out of the ol’ memory banks to share…  I noticed that a lot of the other posts on this topic are heavily weighted with travel based experiences… It shows that this community really values travel… And I’ve been lucky enough to do quite a bit of traveling so far in my lifetime. It’s hard to pick only a few to share… But I’ve limited my list to only 7 things… Continue reading


April 2016 Financial Update

YNAB four_rules
It’s official!  I’ve been using YNAB for a year!  This is exciting for me because I now have enough stored data to be able to compare annually!  (Yes, total NERD ALERT!!!)  Anyway, going forward, I’ll be able to say “last year we spent blah blah blah in this category in this month, so this year we have improved and saved blah blah blah…”  Yup, exciting stuff!

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Blogging Break…

So, you may or may not have noticed, but I sort of lost the regular posting schedule that I was on… Turns out that I had a little bit too much on my plate, and something had to give… And it was blogging… So, sorry about that…

And now I am heading on my long delayed honeymoon.  Yes, our wedding was in August and we are just now heading on our honeymoon… So, I don’t exactly plan to be blogging while I am away, but you never know.  I also realize it is totally not recommended to tell the big bad interweb that you are going on vacation, but we have housesitters taking care of our place and our cats, and it’s not like we are going to be out of touch or not able to check in on things…

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Easter and I will get back to a regular routine when I am back from vacation.


Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I hope everyone is wearing sufficient green today.  I love random reasons to dress up or wear something themed, so I am definitely wearing green today.  I pulled out my green earrings too!  I’m not sure if I’ll be having green beverages tonight, since I am going to my sister’s place for dinner, but I’ll see if she has something that will make my drink more festive.

This is a repeat celebration though, as I hosted a kick-off party last weekend for my summer soccer team, and we had a “rainbows and leprechauns” theme in honour of St Patty’s day this week.  I had some fun decorating and making food for the event.

With the help of my step-daughter, we made jello-crusted marshmallows (a Pinterest find) and a rainbow of fruit and veggies. Continue reading

Babies & Baby Showers

I’m at the age when a lot of my friends are having babies (or have already had babies, which are now small children…).  So for me, who has never been a big baby or kid-person, it’s a little weird.  Babies and kids just make it inappropriate for me to drink excessive amounts of wine… but one thing babies are good for is an excuse to have a party… with a fun theme!

(That last paragraph may have made me seem like a horrible person, and I don’t think I am… I really hope I am not… I am very happy for all my friends with babies and children, and maybe I’ll be someone with a baby myself someday, but until then… I relish my freedom and enjoy my alcoholic beverages.)

Anyway, as I briefly mentioned earlier this week, this fall I was given the pleasure of planning not one, but two baby showers, both for babies that were already born.  I have planned multiple pre-birth baby showers in the past, but these were my first “meet the baby” baby showers.  As such, I had to change up my plans and take out the cheesy baby guessing games…

Baby Shower #1

The first was for a friend who has moved away, and had her baby back in the late-spring/early-summer.  She was home for Canadian Thanksgiving, so we planned a party for that weekend so all her home friends and relatives could meet the baby and celebrate both her and the new addition.  Another friend hosted the event at her new house, but we split up the duties between a few of us to keep things easy.  We decided on an apple theme, since it goes with fall, and was an easy one to run with.


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Frugal Fun – More Puzzle Club

Saturday night, my friend from my original puzzle club and I decided to make some plans to hang out.  We hadn’t seen each other since my wedding, so it was long overdue.

When deciding what to do, we were discussing maybe going out to a restaurant or bar or something… but decided to stay in and puzzle for some frugal fun.

Our evening consisted of a puzzle (that made the transition from my parents’ basement to my house before they moved…), two bottles of Prosecco wine (yes, two ladies drank two bottles – we had fun!), a bowl of popcorn and some Hershey’s kisses.


Let’s compare what we would have spent if we had gone out for the night…

First the entertainment… while I’m sure we probably could have just gone to a restaurant or pub with no cover, let’s say that we decided to go to a movie, or a comedy show, or something similar… That would probably run us at least $10 each, so $20. That compared to the free entertainment provided by my parents’ basement…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

It is Thanksgiving Monday here in Canada. I am home for the weekend and have had a wonderful time visiting with friends and family. 

 We are up visiting my in-laws today. Hopefully we will brave the rain and go for a walk down by the river to see if we can spot spawning salmon. 
 I will be heading back to site for work tomorrow, but will hopefully be able to plan out a few more regular posts this trip. (Like a fitness update, since my 8k run was this weekend…)

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. I was attempting to do this post from my phone, so I think the formatting is totally off. When I get home to a laptop, I will try to fix it. Sorry!  

Update: I think I fixed the layout issues… Let me know if I missed something…