My Garden… so far…

One of my random goals for the year was to plan and execute an awesome veggie garden in our backyard.  The goal was to do a bunch of research, learn a bunch about different plants and figure out which ones go well together to get a really good plan in place to make the most out of my two raised beds in the backyard.  I’d plant as soon as the frost was done and get multiple plantings and have fresh produce all summer long…

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April 2015 – Goals in Review

april goals in review

I can’t believe that it is the last day of April.  Normally (as normal as 3 previous blog posts can be…), I post my goals in review once the new month starts, but I’m away for work right now, so it’s not likely that I’ll magically get anything accomplished, so might as well post my review early.

So here goes…

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Race Day Results

My running buddy and I ran our 10k race this morning. The weather was pretty good; chilly, cloudy but not raining. We ran at a really good clip for the first few kilometers, but lost a bit of steam in the later portion of the run. We didn’t quite make the under an hour goal, but we did about the same time as last year, so that’s good.

But, since we didn’t beat an hour, guess that means we’ll be signing up for another 10k race.  More training and practice runs to come, and I’ve got my half marathon in about a month as well.  My running buddy isn’t running that with me, though they have a 10k at the same event, so maybe she’ll sign up for that…

Decluttering Week #7 – Office Desktop

Well, this task wasn’t so much the desktop, as it was underneath the desk… but the desktop also required cleaning…

The office is a room that we want to renovate pretty soon, as it should be a pretty simple reno that we may actually be able to handle ourselves (I’m not exactly handy… but my fiance is getting pretty good at doing random house stuff… )  If you look closely at the wall, you’ll see that it is really “nice” wood paneling that has been primed.  We took down wall paper to find this underneath.  Next step will be to take the wood paneling down and discover what’s behind that… but that’s a project for another day, and hopefully I’ll post all our renovation adventures in the future… but for now, back to the decluttering task…

So here are the before pictures:


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Happy Easter!

So, random post today… I just felt like sharing what a good day I had Friday… It’s kind of like bragging… but I felt really productive and so I wanted to post something positive after my sort of negative week of posts (not really doing so well on my goals and going over budget in March).

Friday was Good Friday, which meant that I had the day off work.  Awesome!

I slept in, then took the bus downtown (ya public transit!) to meet with my hairstylist for my wedding to discuss budget and plans, etc.  I made the frugal decision to go for a regular green tea at the coffee shop (go April budget!).

After that I walked through the public market downtown and bought some delicious locally made sausages for dinner, which totally went against my meal plan for the week, but I felt good supporting the local farm, and it was probably a healthier than the pizza that I had planned…

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March 2015 – Goals in Review

March 2015 Goals

I can’t believe March is already done… And Easter is this weekend. I am excited for the long weekend, but will probably spend most of it catching up on my studying… Lame, I know…

March was pretty much a failure on the goals front.  I didn’t do much on my goals this month… like nothing.  So this review won’t have much progress to report. I was definitely feeling the March “blahs”… Most goals are still at the same place where they were at the end of February, but none the less, here it is:

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My Fitness Plan

fitness shoes

There are so many fitness plans out there, that I don’t really need to go through what I’m going to do for my 10 km and half marathon goals, you can Google it and you’ll come up with something that I used to make my own plan. However, for my own benefit, I would like to post my plan so that I can refer to it later and be accountable (the whole reason for this blog).

So, for the 10k, I’ll be running this with my running buddy, so it is sort of a shared plan, somewhat dependent on her. Fingers crossed that we can get this 60 minute target beat. Every year we do this 10k race together, sometimes I’m the one that is lagging behind and sometimes it is her. This year though, with my added goal of the half marathon, I may be motivated to push my training a little further. So far I definitely haven’t been the most motivated, so honestly, without her I would probably not be running in the mornings, so she is the reason that my fitness has improved.

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February 2015 – Goals in Review

Another month of 2015 done, so it is once again time to review the goals I have for the year and see how I’m doing…  These reviews are a little wordy sometimes, so sorry about that… but it really helps me to see all the goals in one place and review them all… Continue reading

Exam Study Plan

For one of my professional goals for 2015, I said that I would finally take the exam that will move me forward in my career…

To do this, I said I would put together a study schedule so that I would have a plan that I could follow to get everything done on time. I said I would do that in January, and here it is almost the end of February and I am just now putting together the plan.

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